(((Evil))) Google: Gab.com Cited By Google As A Threat To Their Censorship Plans


[The great news is that Gab is the first pro-white social media we have and its going in the opposite direction to (((evil))) Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We need a lot more platforms like this. We need a whole new industry of pro-white, pro-freedom social media. Don’t let the Jews/Liberals and assorted rubbish screw up the Internet, which has been working great for the rest of us.

I must admit, I smile to myself at the thought that the (((Liberals))) were happy when they were brainwashing us all … but the bummer for them was that large numbers of whites preferred the TRUTH to the BRAINWASHING! That screwed things up for the Liberals! Jan]


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday Breitbart published a leaked internal Google briefing about the shift Silicon Valley is making towards more censorship online. This followed leaks earlier in the day from The Intercept, which show how Google is contradicting themselves in regards to the censored search engine they are building for the Chinese government. You can read the briefing that Breitbart published here: Google: “The Good Censor”.

On page 53 of this internal Google briefing, Gab.com is cited as a “challenger app” and notes how users are moving to Gab in response to the censorship of Silicon Valley. Google argues for a “European” approach to speech standards on the internet, favoring “civility” over freedom.

Silicon Valley has shown their true colors, which is why they recognize Gab.com as a threat to their control and dominance over the internet. They are rejecting the cherished internet ideals of liberty and free expression in exchange for censorship and partnerships with the Chinese government.

This is why Gab is winning and will continue to win. We are adding tens of thousands of new users every week, and our funding round is being completely powered by you, The People. In about 20 days we have raised $670,000 and will quickly meet our goal of $1.07m. We are hiring more engineers to speed up product development, make the site more user friendly, and build out our own infrastructure to escape the chains of Silicon Valley.

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