Every White American Soldier was LIED to and RISKED HIS LIFE FOR NOTHING


[This is what I wrote to a Vietnam Vet. Jan]

Exception: Vietnam Korea

I am also digging into the Afghanistan debacle, and if you as a Vet have views, or find out information then let me know. I firmly believe EVERY WHITE SOLDIER IN THE WESTERN WORLD WAS LIED TO AND RISKED HIS LIFE FOR NOTHING. The few exceptions for Americans were: Vietnam and Korea, and there, the wars were being WON and the Jews and Politicians lost it. I heard recently, in shock, that North Vietnam actually surrended to the USA after intense bombing and then the Jew Kissinger went in and suddenly that all disappeared!!! Kissinger was the same bag of shit who came to Rhodesia and lost us EVERYTHING. But so we learn. ALL WHITES ARE LIED TO AND TRICKED. And soldiers have risked their lives without any benefit to their family, or children. Yet I am sure large number of White men would fight for their race if they were given the option. I have no doubt of that now.

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