European Honor: White Americans: Don’t mock yourselves… you’re falling into a Jewish British Trap

Something I see Americans doing, and it comes from (((Liberal))) Jewish angles, is that Americans laugh at themselves. Beware of going down that path. The British are masters at laughing at and denigrating themselves. But they are careful to NEVER do that to Jews. The British even regard this behaviour as part of their culture.

Perhaps what I’m saying is too vague and broad and I need to be more specific. So just give me time to think more about it.

When I look at our European culture and also things I learned about myself during my life, I have found that the natural European way is to DEMAND HONOUR. We are actually serious people. The Germans for example, are actually very formal people. Now the Romans, and our pre-Christian people were a people who took HONOUR seriously. It was an extremely serious thing. When I was going through one of Napoleon’s memoirs in recent months, I was very amazed at the FORMAL nature of our people, right down to serious things like marriage.

In our race, OUR NATURAL PERSONALITY is NOT a shopping mall mentality. We are NOT a bunch of shopkeepers and traders. We are much deeper and more formal and just below the surface are a lot of warrior values.

I was amazed when reading one of Napoleon’s personal set of memoirs at how much marriage had nothing to do with love. It had to do with other qualities including contracts. EMOTION is not such a deep thing with us. This may horrify women when I write this. But if you look at our previously destroyed aristocracy you will see that they spoke of concepts like "Duty".

One area I want to dig more into, over time are the forms of marriage that our race engaged in. One Boer in South Africa, a lawyer who became a total Pagan type and who loved the Spartans (whom I have high regard for), told me something similar.

Many White women retain some of this thinking in their own views of what is "socially acceptable" for men to do in terms of marriage and relationships.

But returning to the main point, do NOT get used to LAUGHING AT YOURSELF. No. Don’t do that. don’t denigrate YOURSELF or your people.

When I had Jewish friends, I looked at some of their attitudes and it included a mocking attitude that I nowadays see as leading to the breakdown of society.

If you study our history, you’ll see that HONOUR is a serious thing. Deep down, lots of us have it in ourselves. But it is below the surface, and it’s natural.

For a great many reasons, I prefer to encourage Whites to BE YOURSELF. Fall in line with your own mind and what is natural for you. Do NOT change yourself to please Jews and Liberals. Do NOT DO THAT. You are destroying yourself. And do NOT mock yourself or your people or your nation. Do NOT break yourself down.

White Americans, from my own observations and interactions are really naturally European, but you have diverged away from many natural European things. You will be better off, if you stick with European values – these are more tried and tested. We in Africa, like Rhodesians, Boers, etc have done the same. But I am a "Europeanist" especially with regard to pre-Christian values. I think our pre-Christian values were when we were at our most natural .

One thing that is just below the surface for White men and women is a DEMAND FOR RESPECT. This is the basis of HONOUR. Don’t compromise on that. Be yourself and don’t let others denigrate you and insult you EVEN IF THEY CLAIM IT IS IN GOOD HUMOUR. No. You are NOT A LAUGHING STOCK.

The British, denigrate themselves all the time, and then they turn snooty and denigrate others and they think this is all good – but this is really a Jewish cultural feature. Don’t go there.

We’re serious people. We try hard, and we try to stay true to our word, etc. A man’s word is his bond. We have LOTS of very important, beautiful and EFFICIENT values that come very naturally from MENTAL DISCIPLINE. This is a wonderful aspect of our culture.

There are many values we must return to. These are tried and tested values and they make for a very strong, very efficient society.

There are a lot of junk Jewish values that we need to dump. They are not good for us. They are unhealthy.

Mocking and laughing is not really us.

But, most importantly, WE TAKE INSULTS WHICH WE SHOULD NOT TAKE AND NEVER ACCEPT. We must begin to stand our ground more firmly on many things.

The Jews and other assorted filth, who cannot handle our sophisticated, fantastic civilisation and who secretly hate us, use all kinds of methods of breaking us down slowly. We’ve allowed too many BAD THINGS into our culture which later go on to harm us emotionally and psychologically both as individuals and as a group.

European thinking is the most tried and tested thinking, and I defer to the end results of what came out of Europe before Jews turned our fine minds and characters into mush.

And HONOUR and RESPECT lies at the heart of a LOT of that which is us.

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