Epoch TV: Any thoughts? – The Jewish Censorship destroyed Youtube


I see that there is an Epoch TV. And it looks very nice. I see they also charge. I suspect it is NOT a place where we can post videos.

But it is good to see something like Epoch TV.

It shows an increase in demand. That Whites no longer just want to read Liberal crap. Whites now know there is such a thing as the truth.

Of course the Jews are the scum who set out to engage in enormous, mass censorship on Youtube where we all were. There were millions of videos they took down and BILLIONS of comments they had deleted. They were busy with The Greatest Censorship in the history of the world.

By pushing everyone away from something we all enjoyed and found useful, I will bet the Jews never imagined that we would create so many video websites. Youtube had a world monopoly on videos, but the insane Jewish Censorship, destroyed their monopoly and more and more video websites will keep on coming online and more and more Whites will go there. Whereas Blacks and Asians will stick with Youtube.

As long as Whites could come up with alternatives, which we have, this is backfiring, and will backfire on Youtube.

The cat is out of the bag … the genie is out of the bottle … and it WON’T EVER GO BACK!

Thanks to the dumb retarded, anti-White Jewish scum.

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