EMBRACE CHAOS: French lady writes to me: France is now a Police State – My Advice to her & everyone

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This is what I wrote to a French lady who told me that France is now a Police state:-

Hi xxx,

I’m sorry to hear about France. Jews are locking us all up. Feel free to send news about France. But currently I am inundated with stuff. But if you send, I might spot it. I am concerned by what is happening but I’ve said for almost 20 years: “Worse is better” and now that they’ve thrown the agenda forward I’m good with it. Just hang in there. Now we will be able to do 10 years worth of politics in a single year. Now we can move forward much faster. It will be a wild ride, but hang in there. Just try to get the message to other whites, in your country and elsewhere. We must stand together. Its critical. However, the benefits are huge.

I’m glad we’re seeing the end of Globalism. Sink the ship I say. Let’s get on with life, without the scum. They’ll be trying to make it a nightmare for us all, but that’s fine. Whites are tough and very adaptable.



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