DREADFUL NEWS: Election Fraud 2020: Bottom line: White America HAS LOST CONTROL OF AMERICA

The real bottom line with the Presidential election fraud of 2020, is that White America has lost control of America politically already.

In the past, people like Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer and others have mentioned that White Americans will lose control of America when their population falls BELOW the 50% mark – when Whites are less than 50% of the population – which is NOT the case now.

White Americans make up at least 55%, perhaps even 60% of the US population. So in theory, they cannot have lost control of the system.

NOTE: Most of the supporters of Trump were White, even though Trump himself was NOT a racialist.

Whites in America, as elsewhere are CONFUSED, to quote the words of an NS friend of mine in Bulgaria. And I think this is a very critically valid point – that whites are offered all kinds of bogus options – all of which are actually JUNK, and the REAL OPTIONS that lead to REAL PROGRESS AND CHANCE all magically disappear off the table.

In a nutshell, Jews have got Whites DIVIDED and CONFUSED and Whites live in a silly world with junk options.

The really bad news about the 2020 Presidential election is not that Trump lost, but that it was rigged to such an extent that even a sitting US President seems to lack the means to gather enough data to prove it clearly by way of the system. The system itself might be rigged.

I do not know all the internals, but the scary, freaky thing is that a US President, who has data on election fraud is unable to save himself, and I am convinced that he is going to walk out.

Given that most of his electoral was White, the final, horrifying conclusion is that Whites may already have lost control of their political system ON THE RARE OCCASION WHEN THEY ARE UNITED.

This adds to views I have expressed before, that electing Trump is proof that voting no longer works. That even in the USA, the land of freedom and democracy … VOTING NO LONGER WORKS!

Alex Linder has been saying this for long. He’s called such people "Vote Fags".

But I think the proof is in and its nasty.

HOWEVER, the option always remains, for the White man to fight his way out of everything, and I see that as the only real option left for our race. There probably are a number of countries in Europe where Whites are still enough of a majority to vote their way out – if voting is not rigged.

But if all voting is lost, then we’re still not finished. The next step is to fight our way out of things. That is always there, and I see much hope for that. So don’t give up. Don’t be depressed.

But use this opportunity to educate other Whites in the USA and elsewhere to the MAXIMUM of your ability!

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