Don’t buy into the Jewish lies that Hitler was driven by EMOTION and HATRED…

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Don’t buy into the Jewish crap that Hitler was stupid or deficient. Far from it. He was a bookworm. He read like crazy and he was like a walking computer – just like Napoleon. He was a computer in human form.

Also, don’t buy into the Jewish crap that Hitler was driven by "hatred" and various EMOTIONS. Hitler was not emotional. Under the extreme stress of the war, later, he had his moments of anger with his Generals and they do describe that he could get angry and worked up. But generally, for a vast majority of the time, Hitler was very logical and very level-headed. It took insane amounts of stress to make him take strain. 90% of the time, he was extremely and TOTALLY LOGICAL.

My Boer NAZI pal used to make the point that Hitler did not propose EMOTIONAL SOLUTIONS to the Jewish problem. What he did and proposed was all very logical and clearly thought out. His real plan was to get the Jews to have a homeland in Madagascar. He threw them in concentration camps because they were busy sponsoring terrorism and communism and breaking the law and undermining the state. They went to the concentration camps, which were WORK CAMPS FOR A VERY GOOD REASON. They deserved it. He did not send them there to kill them. He sent the Jews who were enemies of the state there in order to use them as cheap labour. And not all the Jews were sent there. Right until the end of the war there was a Jewish synagogue functioning in Berlin. So don’t believe all the Jewish crap.

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