Do Jews control EVERYTHING? – Could Biden be good for the White Right?

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I thought I’d post some readers’ comments below along with my own thoughts:

From Raymond in Australia:
Geez, that’s really got me chasing my tale now. I never trusted Trump, and I still suspect that if the jews want him gone, it’s because he has already done whatever it was they wanted him to do. Like at the last moment attacking Iran, whether or not he’s still around to finish it.

I do love the way you are thinking though, I suddenly felt myself wanting Biden, oh, a terrible shudder just went down by spine. But this could work for us as you illustrated. Anything to get those yanky guns out of the wardrobe, and on the street. I have been saying since 1975 that voting will never save our race.

Then Hyperion:

It’s all jew Kabuki theater. Good Cop (R) – Bad Cop (D) – "Not a dimes worth of difference" – George Wallace. Will Whitey ever ":get it"? They all want Whitey dead and disappeared, but the idiots still think Trump gives one rats ass about white survival. A sucker born every minute – Barnum.

The Raymond wrote:

I hope Jan is right, but for about four decades I have felt the same way as you and still do.

My Comments to the above:-

I have enjoyed and agreed with some of Raymond’s comments. I read all the comments on my website. Raymond said something awesome recently about whites having no conception of unity and solidarity – a VERY CRITICAL POINT.

I do want to comment on Hyperion’s views. Remember, we have said that Trump is NOT racial. Alex Linder pointed that out long ago, and Alex is very disgusted by Trump having hoped Trump would show some backbone. But I’ve concluded that it’s not Trump himself that the Jews hate, but Trump being a reflection of whites, and that Trump somehow speaks to the hearts and souls of white America. So it’s not Trump per se that’s the issue, but his effect on whites that is freaking the Jews out. JEWS HATE SEEING WHITES OPERATING AS A GROUP.

I am well aware that both political parties are just 2 sides of the same coin. I understand that, and Professor Quigley, might also provide some of the deeper truths as to why this is so. I think I have some insights on this. The American Elite is also behind this. I suspect this is ECONOMIC at heart. I’ll return to this later.

Where I do disagree with is the notion that EVERYTHING HAPPENS THE WAY THE JEWS WANT IT. I do disagree with that, and I’ll tell you, that decades ago, before I knew of the Jewish issue, and I viewed our enemies as "Communists", I felt the same way. Now if you replace "communists" with Jews … and you look at the world, then that is how I saw it too for decades. To me it was as if EVERYTHING goes the way the communists want. The communists, and Jews, are taking the West LEFT and DOWNWARDS and anti-white. To me it seemed as if Communists/Liberals were ALWAYS WINNING and the whites could do nothing right.

I used to think that from a high level (remember the top-down approach), that EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY CONTROLLED. What I will tell you, is that I think the place where this is much more so than you can believe is with BILLIONAIRES and the SUPER RICH. That I think finances, business and big money, is VERY CONTROLLED. However, when I viewed politics and used to think politics ran that way.

I used to view politics that way … UNTIL I began doing my websites and got into political activism. It started with the Zimbabwean farm invasions and driving out of whites. That was the first time that I got really close to politics.

It led me ultimately to making contact eventually with an American Colonel here in South Africa. I ran to him when I was deeply in trouble. At lunch, probably paid for by the US Govt, I told him about the threats against me, and at a point, I was telling him some of my top down thinking … and he broke out in a big grin and laughed – which annoyed me intensely. That man saved me and he did it in a strange, cunning way. Nowadays, I look back on the way he had to have viewed me then, and I can understand why he was smiling.

In my travels, discussions, reading and studying, I have concluded that politics, while it appears to be as if it is TOTALLY CONTROLLED (e.g. like the Mass Media telling the world that Biden has won) … yes… there you can see it clearly. EVERYONE working AS ONE – ALL OF THEM SUPPORTING THE SAME LIE!

I have concluded that politics, even in the Western world is not as monolithic as you think. I used to think here in SA as well that there is no hope. But with time, as I studied, and observed and thought, I began to realise that there are SUBTLE, KEY ISSUES that we are overlooking.

Do the Jews control everything? I do not think so. In fact, I think it works more like this: The Jews and the American (WASP) elite, have struck a deal. The WASPs might even have more power in many aspects. However, where I think the matter has gone haywire lies in the JEW BEING A MIND WORM. The Jew spins his tale of lies and he makes others believe firmly in his lies. I think the Elite FIRMLY BELIEVE in the Jewish lies. But I think if the Elite came to believe another truth, they would follow another course.

A key question for example that I have asked myself is this:

The Jews have no problem DESTROYING AMERICA and fleeing from a burning, destroyed America. But, DO THE WHITE ELITE OF AMERICA FEEL THE SAME WAY? Do the White Elite want to see America burn to the ground? Would they LEAVE AMERICA if it were smashed and shattered? And I don’t think so. Some of the billionaire scum would. But I don’t think the entire elite is as wild and suicidally mad as the Jews.

I also think another factor that makes the Jews appear to survive better than they do, is that the Jews are quick to run elsewhere (e.g. Germany to America), and to then climb to the top of the ladder in their new home. The Jewish ability to flee and to then climb to the top and wangle their way upwards then makes people believe they controlled the top all along, which is not the case.

There are DEFINITE TIMES WHEN JEWS LOSE. UNQUESTIONABLY! Hitler and the NAZIS is when the Jews really lost big time. That gave them nightmares that they’ve still not recovered from.

My thinking is that in order to win, we whites need to get closer to the "action" and we need to study events much more closely. I’ve seen this in South Africa. If you stick too much to the TOP DOWN argument then you think everything works for our enemies, but this IS NOT TRUE. I can see many things that our enemies would NOT WANT. Both here in South Africa, or Europe or America.

I am firmly convinced the Jews NEVER WANTED TRUMP. NEVER. Not that he’s aware of it.

I repeat, I used to think our situation in South Africa was TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE, and make no mistake it’s tough, but I’ve watched a LOT of wild politics in southern Africa and I’m now convinced that if one is very determined, cunning and tough that you can fight your way out in weird ways. I HAVE SPOTTED TIMES OF ENEMY WEAKNESS. I have watched moments when, quietly, EVEN THE BLACKS BACKED DOWN. It was very subtle, but it happened.

I am very much against Top-Down "defeatism" because I think it is preventing us from being more aggressive and we would be able to win more easily. DEFEATISM IS ONE OF OUR BIGGEST ENEMIES and it starts with top down assertions that are false.

A Christian one is: "God is in control and its the end times there’s nothing you can do". That is just total hogwash. But a similar one is that Jews are in total control and everything is what they want.

This is wrong.

I urge you to watch my videos where I mention "Strategy Vs Tactics". I explain in detail why the top down view is WRONG. It is wrong. It is bunk and it is Jewish/Christian in origin and it is killing us.

DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING IS ORDAINED. THIS IS WRONG. A much more refined, detailed, closer analysis is what is needed in order to find the correct "angle" from which we will break through.

But remember too, I also always tell whites to ARM THEMSELVES because POWER and the will to fight will also be necessary. You cannot win by rules alone. You need to have firepower for WHEN THEY CHEAT YOU. I also did a video a long time ago about Power Politics, how to have tea with the Queen. That is also valid.

If we want to WIN we must be willing to back up our politics with weapons. Then you’ll see how it really works. When you shove your weapon in the enemy’s face you might be in for some surprises. They are not that strong.

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