DIVERSITY SUCKS: A White American’s nasty Black Lesson in the USAF back in 1975


[This is from a discussion that took place between myself and some others. The man who wrote this is an American I know well and I even had the pleasure of meeting him in the USA when I was there in 2019. This is his story. We Whites in Africa know this stuff well. Jan]

The American wrote:


I had to learn the hard way myself. In 1975 the US Air Force decided we did not have enough minorities (including women) in our Maintenance Squadrons. So, did they make these folks study hard to pass the same tests that I and the other Aryan men took to earn our positions? No, they lowered the test score requirements. We ended up getting blacks, browns and a women in our bomb wing shortly thereafter. We maintained the Electronic Warfare equipment on the B-52 bombers. These were sophisticated devices and it took a lot of training to operate them and maintain them. So, in effect, we lost half our manpower to the newcomers who could not do the work. Esp. the blacks; they were useless. One black in particular was a problem child, his name was Joe, and we found out later he joined the military to escape a paternity suit in Philadelphia.

Well, the shop chief tells me (the Shop Supervisor E-4) that I have to train Joe on how to maintain (troubleshoot, repair and calibrate) the ALT-28 jamming system. I took six months of my life trying to get this guy to learn how to do what I did, and he did not learn a thing! And, he stunk so bad (he did not bathe or wash his uniforms) that even the other blacks would not associate with him. Finally after a year of telling the Squadron Commander that this guy was unfit, they drummed him out of the Air Force. So, he tried to get into the Navy!!!

I could go on and on as to the trouble caused by these creatures in our midst but why bother. We know the truth about them.

When they asked me to reenlist I told them that no way in hell would I put myself through any more time in such a f’ed up organization.

What an insane world we live in today. Kakistocracies run by pure psychopaths.

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