Dion Wehrwolf of Radio Wehrwolf

Dion Wehrwolf is one of the staunchest supporters I’ve had, especially since I lost my job at the bank last year and since I had 10 of my youtube channels banned in June 2017. Dion is always there supporting me and we’ve done several interviews but I’ve been very sloppy in my treatment of him.

What I really like about Dion is the way he knuckles down and works and gets things done like a real white man!

He has two websites:


His Heartlandonline website is a news collation website that he built. Its impressive and its achieved some good things for our race by my estimation. I’m very impressed with his no-nonsense straight approach. A real solid white man, the way white men should be!

2 thoughts on “Dion Wehrwolf of Radio Wehrwolf

  • 7th July 2017 at 1:34 am

    Hi Jan, just to let you know that the kikes have taken down your video. While listening to your talk, was busy on other web pages and mouse froze, rebooted computer to get back to your show and the video frames on the page had been replaced with google ads.
    Jan do you have an email address to which I can send you info, I have lots of info on the take down of South Africa by the enemy.


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