Did the US Military & NSA & DARPA invent the Internet in order to spy better?


Here’s a quick question that has come to mind. I’ve been reading a book about the NSA and the NSA’s level of spying is beyond belief. They spy on the entire world. America’s spying is amazing. America, in typical Jewish style spies like crazy … just like the Brits.

I have wondered, just off the top of my head, whether the Internet was really inspired for the purposes of communications or whether they saw the Internet as a tool to spy on people like never before in history.

The NSA for example, decades ago, was listening in on phone conversations and every form of communication imaginable not only inside the USA but in any country it could get its hands on.

The Russians had a huge fleet of trawlers who did nothing but sail around the world to listen in on anything they could lay their hands on. The NSA used planes and ships and I think even submarines to do the same.

They spy on ANYTHING!!!!

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