Did the Jews kill (Jim) James Traficant?

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I have published that the Jews killed Jim Traficant. Then, just to make sure I went to wikipedia to read up on his death. I don’t trust wikipedia, but it’s the only online encyclopedia I know of. I looked at the issues surrounding his death and was not sure. So I contacted someone who had been closely associated to Tom Metzger who might give me some info and this was his reply:

This is second hand:

Traficant was either a farmer too or did extensive gardening requiring a tractor. The story is that it flipped over when he began operation one morning, killing him instantly. Such things can happen when tractor tires are frozen to the ground, but it is very questionable here.

I responded to him as follows:

I grew up on a farm, and in my entire life, I never knew or heard of an accident where a tractor flipped over – not even with Blacks driving them – and we had lots of blacks driving them.

So I get your point. Thanks.

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