Did Jews massively damage UK, USA, Canada & the West through Gold sales – while helping China?


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[I was writing to another white Website owner, when I mentioned Gold. Jan]

Here is what I wrote:-
… And I think we’re in for the greatest gold bull market ever. $7,000 per oz is easily possible.

I was looking at charts that I want to post on my site. I am wondering if the Jews screwed the entire Western world including the UK? Because the UK dumped its gold at the lowest price possible. The entire West was dumping all its gold for about 20+ years, while everyone else was buying in. But only in the last year or two have Western countries begun buying gold. But they’re lost massively by dumping gold in the first place. I am wondering if the Jews were totally f*cking the West while also moving the Wests’ industry to Communist China, etc. I wonder if the Jews have been trying to totally cripple the Western world while the West thought it was "the right advice?"

[I was looking at charts which showed that the UK sold 50% of its Gold at literally the worst price imaginable. But a lot of the West has been doing similar stupid things. I have been wondering in recent years if the Jews may have been behind the massive 20+ year dumping spree of Gold from their reserves and only now are they buying gold back, which is being bought at tremendously higher prices. In other words, Western nations, especially Britain, have made ENORMOUS LOSSES by selling their gold reserves and only now buying them back. The buying back of gold now by the West is almost the first time in 20+ years that the West is finally buying gold. When the Jews screw whites, they often do it on such an imaginably massive scale and nobody seems to notice it. I am wondering if economists and other government financial experts have ever considered that they're being misled? I think this is something whites should look into. Look for example how the USA, UK and Europe's manufacturing was exported off to Communist China! I think Jews were trying to weaken the West while handing almost the entire West's manufacturing to an ENEMY in order to strengthen the enemy! Jews are such cunning swine and whites are not aware of what devious scum these people are. They'll lie into your face. Jan]

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