Did Jews hate Jesus because Jesus was so real? – Jewish history is… er… non-existent

[One Christian wanted to argue with me on the topic of Hitler and Jesus. Among his reasons were that the Jews hated Jesus because Jesus was so real … so went his line of thinking. This was my response. Jan]

You say the Jews hated Jesus because he was real. You clearly do not know the history of the Jews. Almost all their history is fake and non-existent.
Almost all Jewish history is pure nonsense. Science and even Israeli archaeologists have hunted for various things in their stupid history and things they expected to find don’t exist.

Furthermore, everyone else was also writing history before jews even existed, and have you ever looked to see what that history actually shows?

Jews are mentioned in the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians. For example, Jews went into Egypt to WORK and they paid their taxes in goats.

Virtually everything you think these people lived through, never happened. They were never slaves in Egypt.

Even that stupid wailing wall that they pray at, which is supposedly a remnant of their idiotic temple, is actually the remains of a Roman fort.

Jews are retarded and idiotic. They only learned to read and write 2,800 years ago. Meanwhile whites had been reading and writing for thousands of years.

Hebrew is so retarded that it has no consonants so you end up with words that you cannot be fully sure of like DVD for David. This adds to the many problems of Christianity and interpretation of Biblical scriptures.

Meanwhile the languages of the whites, and the indo-Europeans, which are thousands of years older, don’t suffer from retarded problems like that.

You really should study history and archaeology some time. You’ll find that you are focused on one idiotic piece of text as "the great truth" meanwhile, the actual evidence is piled up as high as a pyramid.

I interviewed a European scientist more than a year ago, who told me that in Sanskrit, which is thousands of years older, and is an Indo-European language, one of our oldest languages, you could find verses that would appear, thousands of years later in the Bible.

People who believe in Christianity do so because there is an emotional need for it. It’s emotional and not logical. Women especially, need it.

But we are a highly logical people … the most logical people. That has always been the very basis for our success.

We need to return to logic. Emotion is killing us. Emotion will destroy us.

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