Destroying the Germans through intense atrocity Propaganda – Same as Whites in South Africa

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The above image is some German propaganda (of the truth) in WW2. Looking back at it after all these decades … isn’t it the damned TRUTH?? Unfortunately, when the Germans chose the truth, in their country and even aimed at their enemies; the British and Americans preferred to choose the JEWISH LIES! Lies are so much more powerful. They can be made to order, whereas if you stick to the truth, you are limited by reality. Thus the German propaganda above, doesn’t have as powerful effect as the bold bullshitting lies that came from Jewish sources. When you’re a liar, you have “artistic license” and you are only limited by your filthy imagination. Even so, at least the Germans walked out of it, with honour and truth on their side. It’s small consolation, but all whites, in the end, DO BELIEVE IN THE TRUTH and therefore among ourselves we will always be able to remember that the Germans behaved with honour even in their darkest hours.

Sefton Delmer was the guy the British put in charge of Black Propaganda (lying). In September 1940, Delmer was recruited by the Political Warfare Executive (PWE),[9] to organize black propaganda broadcasts to Nazi Germany as part of a psychological warfare campaign. Leonard Ingrams gained clearance for Delmer to work for the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office.

Here is a quote from Sefton Delmer:


[The Germans live in an artificial hell created by their enemies in the same way that whites in South Africa are. The German hell is all about WW2, and slaughtering 6 million Jews (which they did NOT do and which is totally IMPOSSIBLE actually – a topic we’ll return to). The Germans are endlessly beaten up with 1001 different guilt complexes about what garbage they were when they were NAZIs, etc. The reality is that NAZISM is a system that was created by common whites, trying to lift themselves up out of their own hell in the 1920s.

The Germans are beaten up endlessly, over “NAZISM” and “Hitler” and “Holocaust” in the same way that whites in South Africa are beaten up over “racism” and “Apartheid” and “hate”. Its all the same garbage. Whites are made to hate themselves. Their children are made to hate their own forefathers. They are made to hate their own history.

What you’re going to read are some quotes from a good, honest, German website.

Germans, White South Africans (especially Boers) and all Whites, ultimately are SENTENCED TO DEATH! That is what has been decided for all of us on high. Jan]

I would like to recall the following two very important quotes:

“A war is lost only when its own territory is occupied by the enemy, the leading stratum of the defeated people is tried in war crimes trials and the defeated are subjected to a re-education process. An obvious remedy for this is to plant the story in the brains of the vanquished from the point of view of the victors. Of crucial importance is the transfer of the ‘moral categories’ of the war propaganda of the victors into the consciousness of the vanquished. Only when the war propaganda of the victors has found its way into the history books of the vanquished and is also believed by the following generations, then only then can the re-education really be considered successful. ”

Walter Lippmann (1889-1974, American journalist, editor-in-chief of the New York World, correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune, his commentary appeared intermittently in more than 250 newspapers)

“We’ve won this war through atrocity propaganda and we’re just starting right now. We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until no one is going to adopt a good word from the Germans until everything is destroyed that could bring them sympathy in other countries and until they are so confused that they no longer know what they are should do. When this is achieved, when they begin to pollute their own nest, not reluctantly but with zeal to obey the victors, only then is the victory complete. It will never be final. The re-education requires conscientious, undecayed care like an English lawn. Only a moment of carelessness and the weeds break through, this ineradicable weed of historical truth. ”

An Allied Ummer to Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich Grimm (author of the extremely readable book “Political Justice – the disease of our time”, Bonn 1953)


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