DESPERATE SITUATION the US Govt is trying to avoid: Everyone running for AR15’s to kill the leadership

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I can’t stress enough the seriousness of the financial situation that The Fed and the world is facing. I want to repeat that in 2008, due to the banks lending insane amounts of "good money" to "bad lending risks" (Blacks), that this is what caused the entire system to implode. It was so bad that ALL the Banks were going to go bust, firstly in the USA, which means people would have lost everything in their banking accounts. But the size of this was such that once the US Banking system collapsed, that it would drag the entire world’s banking system down with it. I’m not making this stuff up. I can’t emphasize enough the scale of the 2008 Banking collapse that caused the bankers to run to the US Govt for a $700 billion bailout immediately … after which they whored around like normal.

I have looked at the numbers, and in the intervening years spoken to investment people I know.

The entire US Stock Market and thus the WORLD STOCK MARKETS have been ARTIFICIALLY KEPT AT AN ABNORMAL HIGH SINCE 2008. It’s all stage managed.

They poured TRILLIONS into the markets to fake and at the end of 2018 they were starting to try to slow down the trillions in fake money they were pumping into it.

Then COVID hit.

The Fed has been purchasing companies on the US stock exchanges. In a sense, the Fed is "Nationalising" MOST of the US economy without using that term. But in FACT they are doing it. They are buying enormous chunks of the US economy.

As things stand THE FED will own most of the major corporations in the USA and as the years go by eventually it will own most everything. This process has gone on for long. The figures are shocking. Within our lifetimes, the Fed will own 90% of all major businesses in the USA. That is a fact.

The Stock Markets are the greatest pyramid scheme in the world. And the US stock markets are the key to all of this.

Now let me tell you what the US Government and Fed must surely be doing. They KNOW that if the Stock Markets collapse it will make 1929 look like a tiny little thing. We are living in the greatest pyramid ponzi scheme in the history of the world.

Now from what I’ve seen, ALL INSURANCE policies, ALL Pension funds, ALL Investments, ALL Savings are ultimately merely purchases of corporations that are floated on the stock markets.

So, when we have "1929" all over, this time it will make 1929 look like nothing. You will LOSE EVERYTHING, except for the physical assets you own. e.g. your home if it is paid for, etc. Whatever you physically OWN and have paid in full will be yours, plus whatever cash or gold you have.

Now when the stock markets collapse, it will wipe out EVERYTHING … because ALL THINGS ARE DERIVATIVES of the stock market in one way or another, except for Government Bonds.

So the stock market crash will not just be something you can live through and you continue as normal. NO! When this baby goes down, people will be WIPED OUT. People will lose their investments, their life savings, their pensions.

So when the stock markets crash … and people have lost everything they’ve worked for their entire lives … they will be running for AR15s and any guns they can get their hands on. They will be out to KILL politicians and others.

The US Government and The Fed know this. There is no known way to "un-ponzi" a ponzi scheme. Nobody has invented a method for this. So the only possibility that is realistic is to just keep the ponzi scheme going by pumping in trillions of dollars, and later tens and hundreds of trillions of dollars. They MUST KEEP THE CONFIDENCE because if they don’t then when people start pulling their money out, the whole thing will collapse.

So they will continue the fakery and INCREASE THE SPEED OF THE FAKERY… to inflation and even hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation will be preferable to a TOTAL WIPE OUT, which is the alternative to a collapse, because when things collapse and there’s no food, no money, no work, no savings, people will be frothing at the mouth wanting to put the politicians and businessmen 6 feet into the ground on short order.

We are living on the edge of the craziest, nuttiest financial situation in world history.

I do know that the computer trading systems have already been modified years ago so that they can artificially SLOW DOWN AND STOP TRADING to prevent a total wipe out. The entire world’s markets can be WIPED OUT in an hour or two of trading, once this baby goes down.

They must have been making many further changes to artificially control this situation.

They know … when this baby blows … the killing in the streets will begin in hours and days.

I can’t emphasize enough the size and scale of what awaits and which they need to lie about and FAKE THEIR WAY OUT OF.

The system is sick, and I think they will just inflate their way out of it. The age of inflation and hyperinflation for the WORLD may have slowly begun now in the time of COVID.

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