Debate with a Christian: Is Good & Bad more important than Race? My Response


[I wrote this about 3 weeks ago, when a Christian website owner challenged me on the issue of Good & Bad. He said that is more important than race.

I spent a long time quickly compiling this reply. In it, I tried to explain to him the basics of Race and why Race is critical. Jan]


I’m adding this at the end: (It may take you a week to read this. I hope its not too insane, but it is how I honestly see things after much digging and thinking):-

Below, I began writing, and I wrote for very long, and I never went back to check on any of it. But these are some of my thoughts – not in any particular order.

I do not harbour hatred for white Christians. In fact, the only Christians I care about are the whites. Non-white Christians have no meaning to me.

White is precious to me. Whites must be saved — AT ALL COSTS. Below are some thoughts. You may be extremely shocked and you might think that you have just been conversing with the devil himself.

I am trying to describe to you, some of my thinking and the thinking I came across. I WILL RETURN TO THE SUBJECT THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE. I WILL MAKE VIDEOS ON THIS. I URGE YOU TO LISTEN WHEN I DO IT. I firmly believe in the value of us.

To me, the greatest forms of thought are: The Will to Power and also Nietzsche and the “superman” (Ubermensch).

The Ubermensch is the new warrior. To me, these are the values of the future.

Nietzsche was merely describing life and nature and “humans” (whites actually), as we are, and as we will be.

My own life experience, and pondering and observing of the races first hand has led me to agree with the above. Will to Power – is the most important human concept ever invented.


It’s nice to make your formal acquaintance. I’m very much aware of you and have seen some of your material, I think especially on YouTube. I was impressed by your historical info.

I’m not going to chat too long now, because GoDaddy notified me yesterday that my is being suspended for TOS violations by their “Digital Crimes Team”. But I’ve been wanting to get those scum out of my life anyway. They opened offices in South Africa and their fees shot through the roof like mad. I had intended dumping them already. So I want to get on with moving my stuff away from them tonight.

I’m very much aware of you and other people and their good work.

I do not, bother to take part in big email discussions as a rule these days. But this “email thread” has been fascinating indeed. I did not know who all the eminent folks on it were… but I’m seeing this more and more from the replies.

I won’t “Jew” you by not speaking to you again. Understand this: I live in South Africa and 99.9% of the “White Right” or “Alt Right” are EXTREMELY SERIOUS CHRISTIANS. Not just sunday christians … I mean SERIOUS CHRISTIANS and I’ve been meeting them and mingling with them especially since last year. There are a very tiny group of National Socialists here – very tiny – but high IQ I might add. We therefore speak among ourselves about the Christians, and what to do. We NS agree, that the only thing to do is to engage and speak to Christians.

There are some Americans, like my friend Alex Linder, who has a deep hatred of Christians and is indeed focusing his attacks on Christians and will be intensifying his attacks on them. I will return to Alex Linder below.

I, myself, was “spiritual” my entire life. This puts me somewhat in the same category as Brian Ruhe, who is an open buddhist. I believed in a sort of popularised buddhism run by the late crank and liar, Lobsang Rampa, whom some of you may remember. But all my life, I’ve been surrounded by Christians and understood and agreed to their value system almost entirely. I was therefore also friendly (as all “innocent whites are”) to Jews.

My spirituality stuff began fading after 2000 because I was an end-times kinda-guy, and I spent 20+ years waiting for Armageddon. But the enormous about-turn in my mindset were the Jews at the end of 2012. Through that, I began to seriously study Hitler, etc and had time to talk intensively to people who knew a lot about the matter.

Race has always bothered me, because we are so few in Africa; and yet, race is absolutely clear as an issue — here at least.

You are thinking in moral terms of good and bad — and you’re thinking in a globalist non-racialist form of good and bad — implying that there is a good that is valid not just for whites, but for everyone. This is where Alex Linder specifically attacks Christians with intensity. He says that Christianity CANNOT BE RACIAL – CANNOT BE. Which is not what Christian Identity people believe – they try to find the white race inside Christianity. For the CID people, they have their own problems. They need to prove/believe that Jesus was white and that Christianity is a white European creation. Alex Linder’s specific attacks on Christianity is that it is “universalist” and NOT racialist. I use him as an example, but I’ve met, and befriended and spoken to others who have reached the same conclusion. I use his name, but he’s not alone in thinking.

In this regard, Jim, I have a question for you and the other Christians here: What if Jesus was NOT WHITE? Would you still be a Christian?

In South Africa, I am willing to bet, that most white christians (afrikaans speaking), would even abandon Christianity if Jesus were a non-white – because deep down, they’re racist and look down on non-whites – even though few of them would admit it. It is assumed, Jesus was white. Nobody even dares debate that question. But I suspect you Americans might support Jesus, even if he’s non-white.

I believed in a form of Buddhism, believing, for example, that Tibetans were a highly spiritual people. Looking back, I feel embarrassed to admit this and to admit how utterly retarded I was to even conceive of such silliness.

The key issue as I see it in Christianity, is the existence of “God”. God sets the standard of what is good and bad. And everyone who is a believer, therefore tries to be a “good person” by doing “what God wants”. The big pay-off, is in the AFTERLIFE. Alex Linder, and I suspect others like Tom Metzger, whom I know too, see it differently, and I have, by my own means, eventually reached the same point.

If you remove God from the equation. Put God and Christianity aside for a second. Then I ask you: What is life about? If you have no God, and no AFTERLIFE — what then would you live for? Many would live for themselves. But if you had to study us scientifically, you’d see that all that exists is BIOLOGY. Biology alone, determines what we are. You have 200 million whites in the USA because they came in from Europe as a deliberate (and clever) policy. They also chose to intermarry each other and have children.

Nature, has a certain FIXED LAW, that you cannot change. If you marry a white woman, then you’ll have white children. If you marry a non-white woman, then your children will be a new mixture of some kind. But since both your parents were white, it is a law of nature that the ONLY way for you to have white children is to marry a white woman.

If you remove God/Afterlife/Spirituality from the equation, all you have left is BIOLOGY. But the biology could mean nothing … except for one small fact. That fact is that people who came from Europe conquered most of the earth and created 97% of all science. That all higher thought and achievement has come from “whites” (a mixture of Europeans).

If the whites had the same IQ as blacks, etc – and their achievements were as pathetic and useless as that of other races, then race would not mean much. Or, suppose, blacks had an IQ higher than whites … heck then we would be better off if we interbred with blacks to raise our iq!

But the stark, true reality, is that whites are tremendous achievers – not just in IQ, but in almost everything we touch and when we breed with others, for the most part, this results in an intermixture of people … the end result being low IQ. e.g. in South Africa our blacks have an IQ of 70, the whites 100 and the coloureds (1/2 mixed race) are 85. You can SEE the differences in IQ and achievement of these peoples.

If there is no god/afterlife then what value system exists? Either none at all, which is a free for all, or biology. But biology only plays a role for whites. For whites, preserving our biology also preserves our ascendancy. Without God, the only thing that matters is race and I will bet you, that almost everyone receiving this email married a person of the SAME RACE even if you say you’re non-racist.

Hitler was a genius in many aspects, and he tapped into some of the greatest German and European thinking of the time. I think he was a man centuries ahead of his time. He saw clearly the issue of race and his goal was not only its preservation but its strengthening.

It is quite hilarious, that we whites should be here debating whether race matters or not, when in fact, we are the greatest CREATORS AND MANIPULATORS of ANIMAL LIFE! We have, for thousands of years, been taking animals and breeding them into what we wanted them to be. WE WHITE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MANIPULATING ANIMALS THROUGH NOTHING BUT BREEDING FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT AND USE FOR A VERY LONG TIME. e.g. cattle, horses, dogs, etc, etc. NOBODY has been using BIOLOGY as much as we have. I’m a farm boy. So I know that if you want to improve your herd of mediocre cattle, you get a fine new bull. Biology solves the problem.

We have bred the most amazing set of creatures deliberately and systematically and yet, we DENY THE EXISTENCE OF BIOLOGY FOR OURSELVES!!! Its utter madness. If there is any people on this earth who should know the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF BREEDING AND ITS PROOF IT SHOULD BE US! Yet suddenly we have a blind spot. Suddenly we treat Hitler as a mad man.

Hitler saw, just as Count Gobineau (the Frenchman who invented “racist” thinking), that race drives history. Hitler therefore invented a system, based on the Roman system, and was certain that with this system, white people would dominate the planet. AND EVERYTHING ON WHICH HITLER BASED HIS THINKING IS CORRECT.

Once God no longer features in your thinking, you then ask: What is good and what is bad? In fact, good becomes: whatever is good for us. Bad becomes, whatever is bad for us. Good = more white children. Good = less black children. Good = we kill and take the territory of whomever we please. Bad = Someone else takes our territory. Good and Bad are then no longer universalist. Good and Bad then become specific to us. Good = Love and care for white people. Good = starve black people to death – infect them with diseases – kill them outright.

You would read the above and you would say: Jan is the devil himself.

God is universalism – in the case of Christianity, or that is how Christians implement it.

Christians are in a system that is universalist. The very word Catholic means that.

One problem with Christianity, is that when Christianity was created, the concept of RACE as we understand it TODAY DID NOT EXIST. Therefore, in Christianity you have Jews and other groups mentioned in the bible. The Bible does not speak of whites vs non-whites. This is where CID try to get in and try to turn things in another direction to ensure that whites are the owners of Christianity. But would white CID people, for example, be willing to exterminate every black off the face of the earth? I doubt it. But, I, as a NAZI, would see nothing wrong with that.

If you don’t believe in race. If you don’t believe that WHITE PEOPLE AS A GROUP have MASSIVELY BENEFITED the world, OR, have massively created much of what is sane and progressive in the world … then you would not see a need to save whites. I would differ with you. I would argue the many reasons that whites are special.

The person who took it to its full logical conclusion is the late Ben Klassen of Creativity. And this is where I have ended up: Whites are truly special. I mean EXTREMELY SPECIAL. This can be shown in what we lived through, and how we evolved over time and what we achieved. In fact, I’m even a “PanEuropean” or a “Euro-centrist”. I would even argue that the most critical portion of our race is that which lies in Europe and that preserving Europe (our biggest population base and high IQ base) is of super-critical importance – even though I live in Africa. Ben Klassen at one time said: “Nature’s greatest miracle: The White Race” and I would agree with him. In fact, I would say that we as a RACE should strive to LIVE FOREVER – because its possible – not as individuals, but AS A RACE. It is possible for whites to attain a level of science that would allow whites to outlive the life of this planet and to spread into space. Ben said that whites should seize any portion of the planet that is of benefit to us. I would totally agree.

In fact, on a personal level, I would make the case, that since Africa is the richest continent on the planet, that we should exterminate all the blacks, and occupy all of africa and bring it within the orbit of Europe & the West. That Africa should be 100% whites only. Its a point I’ll return to because Hitler spoke of Lebensraum and he saw it eastward.

It is GOD which changes your thinking. It is God which suddenly gives you a whole new set of values. But God is NOT biological. Whether God did or did not exist, the fact is that nature and the bodies we are in, are biological.

God totally changes your outlook. God is not biological (except for CID people to some degree). If you look at us as a special species, of special ability, and you wish to see our talent propagated and improved – IOW you want to “farm a better form of white” – super-men – then you have to look at biology.

It is possible, that whites, if we so wished, could probably find a way to breed and create super-black people – if we so desired. I’m confident we could if we so wished. But if we value ourselves and our contributions, then we want to improve ourselves.

If you do not believe in race, not the value of our race, nor the achievements of our race … well then you would want to discount what I’m saying above.

I’ve lived in majority black society all my life. I know these people backwards. I’ve also watched the other non-whites around us. I’ve been part of multi-cultural, multi-racial stuff. I’ve had long and deep discussions with these people. Observed them daily, etc. I don’t think much of these people.

Furthermore, I’ve lived in a society where we constantly saved their lives. I’ve observed how we’ve had few children, while saving every one of their children. How did that work out for us? THEY TURNED ON US!

It is very stupid strengthening others, and not strengthening one’s own group. Very dangerous. Americans and will yet pay the price for this.

The racist argues that your group is the only group that matters. My own life experience has led me to this. Only whites matter – nothing else exists. I will be friendly to non-whites who are friendly to us. I will work to destroy any who are our to harm us. I will also work to destroy any who stand in our way.

Hitler, NAZIS, Klassen, etc = The Politics of Biology. That = RACIST. All that matters is the race.

Let’s say God exists and God created everything. Then let’s look at what he created. What can we learn from NATURE? Well, I’ve observed that nature is (a) totally cruel (b) utterly efficient.

Re: (b) Every form of life is an item on a huge menu. Either you eat/kill another form of life; or another form of life eats/kills you. Whether it is a lion or a germ/bateria. Life is utterly efficient. All of life is an enormous menu. One big killing machine. There is no win-win. There are winners and losers. The lion wins when he kills the zebra. The zebra wins when he evades the lion. But next week the lion might win. Nature also is ruthless. Nature punishes stupidity with injury or death. If you walk off a cliff, nature does not say: You were a good person, today I will let you live. Nature will harm you. Always.

My own view of nature and whites and race, from a higher level is this: NATURE is about COMPETITION. Either you compete to win, or someone else will compete against you and they will win. Nature is about COMPETITION, and other races ARE OUR DIRECT COMPETITORS. Some, like the Asians, I have a soft spot for. I regard Asians as the one race that is most “white like”. Though with interesting twists.

Our race was created by living in the snow and ice. We are THE SNOW PEOPLE. That is the hell fire that formed us. We lived in an ice age of hell for tens of thousands of years and it is in this hell fire that we were formed. At times we were a few thousand only.

What makes whites special?

The most special and unique feature of white people lies in their ability to change nature. There is no species on this planet that can manipulate nature itself – the physical world like we can. In this, we are almost unique. The level and extent to which we can do this, almost defies logic. e.g. Sit back and ponder the next time you get into an aircraft. Then ask yourself who else dared to try this or even came close to achieving this. Our intellectual/engineering achievements are beyond impossible and WE HAVE NO EQUAL. I reassert what Klassen said: “Nature’s greatest miracle = The White Race”. The children of europe.

It is also possible that most, if not all major civilisations in history were created by us. Very possible. That the remnants of intermixtures with us dot the entire world. e.g. Middle East, asia, etc.

We have no equals except to a minor degree – some of the Asians. I am fond of the Japanese.

Returning to White Christians.

I see whites as a precious diamond to be preserved regardless of whether I agree with them or not. I therefore would never advocate killing other whites except if they were openly treasonous.

Christianity, also contains many values which Christians think are unique, but which are not unique and which were pagan and which were merged into christianity in order to allow pagans to convert to it. e.g. The Christmas tree is not Christian. Christmas is not the birthday of Jesus. Christmas is Pagan – Nordic actually. But it was adopted into Christianity. It does not exist in the Bible. Many things that are thought of as “Christian” or “uniquely Christian” are actually NOT Christian, nor uniquely Christian. They existed before christianity existed but it was merged into Christianity by those who created Christianity. e.g. Constantine’s councils.

Having undergone a slow, but steady change of views through my life, my view is that each white person should have his own private BELIEF. What you BELIEVE is your business. You can share it with friends and fellow believers. And we should respect each other’s beliefs. But each person WILL as a matter of course evolve. And this process of exchanging thoughts and knowledge is critical and important.

I am confident, and I’ve seen enough, that I firmly believe, that in the fullness of time, that whites will stick together and will agree on many principles. There is a broad commonality in whites that does not exist in other races. e.g. Valuing the concept of “truth”. Law/Fairness. (When I was a kid, blacks openly said that whites were a fair people – that is true even now). We believe in a meritorcracy. I see “truth” as being one of our most critical cornerstones. In the end, in the final analysis, whites value the truth and reality above all else. And I am confident that this will triumph among us. I do not doubt this. In fact, we’re so truthful, that we are boringly truthful. We also cannot conceive that others can lie. We’re unquestionably the most honest people on the planet. We cannot conceive that almost everyone else, is lying to us, and of course at the top of the list are Jews.

Garibaldi said: God did not create man. Man created God.

I will remind you, that in our more than 40,000 years of existence, we’ve only been Christians for 1,700 years. We existed before Christianity. We will exist AFTER Christianity too.

We used to have many pagan beliefs and religions. In the Roman empire we had 160+ religions. Christianity is the ONLY TIME when we had a single religion, and that religion was a political creation in the final days of the failing Roman Empire. (Why it was failing is another question). Christianity embodies many values that we had BEFORE Christianity, and we will retain whatever values we want, after Christianity. We might retain many of the Christian values because they have worked for us for so long. But whether we apply them to others … aha… now that’s a whole different question.

To me there are 2 key aspects to Christianity:-

1. God

2. The After Life.

God makes us servants of a set of Universalist, non-racial values that we all ascribe to. These values existed before race was understood as a concept.

The After Life – this is a self-censoring mental trick whereby we behave in a certain way in the belief that we cannot fool God.

My biggest problem with Christian values lies in their LIMITATIONS. Christianity is a “Don’t Do manual”. It says: “Don’t do this … don’t do that … can’t do that … must not do that”.

These limitations are great when it is: Thou Shalt not commit murder. But even a Christian finds that you can’t live by this because in war, murder is allowed.

Where the BIGGEST PROBLEM comes in, is this: All those “Thou Shalt not” rules play a big negative role when you are facing the weird enemies spawned by Jews, Communism and Liberalism.

We have enemies within who now play a game very close to the bone… and we cannot respond because we will violate those rules.

In this intensely competitive (natural) struggle for life, we cannot use certain methods because it would violate our christian values. So we stand by helplessly when in fact, we need to meet deviousness with deviousness. We need to meet and match evil with evil. When there is a fight, the low man has advantages – BIG REAL ADVANTAGES. This is very true in Africa, but all of you will still taste this bitter pill. then your morality stops you from doing what is NECESSARY in order to WIN. So you LOSE because you placed your morality above your necessity.

If you are a Christian, you therefore can say: Yay! I did great! I never gave in on my morals, I was true to God to the last … though it cost me my family, my life, my nation, my race … but Yay… I suffered for God … and God will REWARD ME (selfish?) with eternal life. I WILL GET ETERNAL LIFE! My race, my nation LOST, but I win, because I get eternal life … I was true to GOD.

But what if, God does not exist? What if your eternal life does not exist? (I was OBSESSED with ETERNAL LIFE – I WANTED IT SO BADLY – I STUDIED EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. NOBODY WANTED IT MORE THAN ME). But what if your God and your eternal life do not exist?

What if, you are true to a God who does not exist; in reward for a life that does not exist?

Is it possible that you could be adhering to morals and values which result in the destruction of your own nation, race, future of your children … in return for a handful of magic beans?

What if a Christian is like Jack and the Beanstalk? You take the cow and you sell the cow for a handful of magic beans?

What if your magic beans are NOT MAGIC? What then?

I had fervent christians in my family. My sister died peacefully and happily to be with Jesus as the young age of 56 … very content and looking forward to DEATH.

But what if my sister wasted her life?

With Christianity, you are trading off, existing material, physical things … in return for other things …

But what if your trade-off is a scam? Well, you’re the loser … but lucky for you, you never know this. You die, and … you’re dead, and you never get to know you made a foolish decision.

But what if you die, and your actions were detrimental to the other whites, your children, friends, family, nation, race … what if your values were detrimental to the living and the yet to be born?

You’re dead, you don’t know you were foolish … but your actions impact the living and the yet-to-be-born. Would that not be nasty and counter-productive?

There are Christians who came to Africa, among them Americans, who tried to teach blacks as missionaries. They were kind to them. Then black terrorists came. Our soldiers told them: Stay away from these people … they will kill you. The missionaries did not listen. The black terrorists murdered them. But these same Christians gave sustenance to our enemies, and they themselves were killed for their kindness. Maybe they are in heaven now … or maybe not?

The Christian wants to do good in the eyes of God. But what if God does not exist? What then?

Or is it that religion is nothing more than a means of controlling people and giving them values that benefit whomever created the religion? That the priest is himself the creator of god.

A man I call my “Boer NAZI Pal” was a university lecturer in scientific method and had a masters degree in psychology. He told me this: That in South Africa, all the Afrikaans Churches sent their pastors-to-be to University where they studied philosophy. He told me that they learned in philosophy, the proofs of how you prove this and that the scientific way. He told me that when they finished their studies, THEY KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THEIR SCRIPTURES WERE NOT TRUE. THEY KNEW THIS. Yet they then continued on to preach to the white masses. He asked some of them, why are you doing this – you know that what you are preaching to whites is NOT SCIENTIFICALLY TRUE. He said some told him: “Its a job”.

I have come to ask the question of all religion: Who created it and who controlled it. Religion may be a way of “herding” humans and nothing more.

Ben Klassen said that all great civilisations needed a religion. His view was, nazism must become a religion therefore and that’s what he created. He took Hitler’s work and turned it into a religion.

Even Nietzsche, the ultimate hater of Christianity wrote his Zarathustra book to be in the form of a mystical work like the Bible. He too wanted it to be mysterious in the hope that people would study it.

Klassen did it because he realised that everyone having COMMON VALUES COMMON GOALS RESULTS IN BIG VICTORIES. And I agree with him.

Its not so much the basis of the religion that’s important, as it is that everyone is working towards the same goal.

But what if Jews subverted Christianity and put things into it whereby christians could not work against Jews? e.g. the Catholics and their 1500 year law to NOT HARM JEWS?

Religion is like PROPAGANDA. You listen to the PROPAGANDA, and you might believe it. But what’s more important is: WHO CREATED THE PROPAGANDA and why?

Christians debate this and that about God, Jesus, etc. But maybe Christians should ask: Is our belief system purely spontaneous, or did forces manage the process with the goal of changing our behaviour so that someone else would benefit?

My final thought on christians is this: Every White Christian ultimately BELIEVES the Bible is true, God exists, Jesus existed, etc. If they should ever discover that some or all of this is not true, then whites will abandon this religion. The deepest value white people have is TRUTH. If a thing is NOT TRUE, then whites WILL FLING IT ASIDE REGARDLESS. That is the most core and important of white values is TRUTH. In this they are almost unique in the world in their determination to act on TRUTH. They will only believe this, for as long as they think it is TRUE. The moment they change their view on the matter, they will abandon it.

I think whites will outlive the Bible. Definitely. And in Europe, the whites have largely abandoned it almost entirely. Among the most christian whites were the Germans.

Here in South Africa, the Afrikaans people, the Boers, believe they will be the last Christians on earth, and I used to think this too. That the last white christians would be in SA. However, I’m starting to think that the last white Christians will be in the USA. I have my own reasons for why I believe, that AGAINST THEIR WILL, the whites in SA will eventually abandon Christianity. They will fight AGAINST THIS WITH EVERY OUNCE OF THEIR BEING … until they just can’t any more. But then nature will take its course.

Alex Linder used to say to me that Christianity would remain a major problem for us. I told him, that IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS, when one faces a situation of LIFE VERSUS DEATH, nature will be stronger than the Bible. That when you are fighting and struggling for your EXISTENCE, then nature will come out above the Bible – always. I remain of that viewpoint.

And if Christianity were to die, would whites suddenly become deranged monsters? I think not. Because like I’ve said, much of Christianity contains paganism in it and values that are thousands of years older than Christianity. I think whites will be fine among themselves. But where they might turn into monsters is against others, especially Jews.

I think, that the day will come when the Jews will be so sorry they waged a war against Christianity and that they will rush to SAVE CHRISTIANITY BEFORE IT DIES … because when Christianity dies … the new white people won’t give a damn about a Jew. They will kill him outright in a second without any thought. I predict that the Jews will rush to save Christianity among whites, because they’ll realise that they never had it so good … and they’ll do their utmost to bring it back to life, because if they do NOT do that, then the future whites will just kill them outright – a thing which they thoroughly deserve.

Take care,


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