David Sorenson: A Hardcore Christian who worked for Trump on the attack: Stop World Control


[I checked this guy out because I'm always checking for Jews. I don't want to publish a lot of Jew crap. This guy is a hard core Christian who worked for Trump. It seems to me Trump is behind all sorts of mass movements and things springing up across America. This is good. Anything that starts tearing the system down helps. He doesn't mention Jews but he does mention that MONEY CORRUPTS! This is merely part of "Decentralised Resistance". Eventually Whites, coming from 100 different angles will win. You'll see. Jan]

Dear Freedom Warrior,

Welcome to a historical movement of people all over the world, fighting together for freedom. Depending on the amount of truth you have discovered, you may or may not understand that we are in the midst of World War III. This time it is not an invasion with tanks and rockets, but an invasion with media deception, and government lies. The result is however the same:

✔︎ External powers take control of our lives

✔︎ Our rights and freedoms are removed

✔︎ We are subjected to dictatorship

✔︎ Our nations are being destroyed

✔︎ Our voices are being silenced

✔︎ Our lives are in danger

All in the name of protecting us from a disease that has a 99,7% survival rate, and for which multiple safe and 100% effective cures exist…

See the cures for covid here

Have you seen all the evidence yet?

If you haven’t seen the overwhelming amount of evidence yet, that this whole pandemic is a criminal operation, then I strongly recommend you dive into this amazing full report. It shows you how people are being murdered in hospitals to increase covid death rates, how every cure for covid is hidden from humanity, how physicians are paid to register every patient as covid, how media is deceiving the world with fake footage, how politicians are bribed to lie to their people, and so on.

This is a wealth of incredible evidence, that opens the eyes of everyone who is still not quite sure what really is happening.

Make sure to share it with others to wake them up and help defend the freedom of the world.


Money buys them all…

As in any war, there are always traitors who bow to the enemy, in return for power and money. In our government, media and health organizations, many have opened their pockets wide to receive the millions, and even billions of dollars in exchange for their betrayal. The evidence for global bribery is here:

the president of Belarus openly declared that he was offered $940 million, if he would do a lockdown, enforce quarantine, mandate face masks, etc.

Nigeria revealed how Bill Gates offered tens of millions of dollars to their president to cooperate with him. Italian politician Sara Cunial confronted the Italian parliament with their acceptance of money to play the games of the Deep State.

Bribery is a reality in our world, so it shouldn’t surprise us. You can see all the evidence for this in the full report.

It is indeed as the 2,500 doctors and professionals of Germany stated at a national press conference:

"It is high time
that we understand
that we are in the midst
of a global crime."

The weapon is deception
How can we resist this invasion? By understanding how this war is being waged. The main weapon is DECEPTION.

Our freedoms and rights are taken away on the basis of LIES spread by the media and governments. By believing these lies, people surrender their rights and freedoms.

Literally all the numbers about covid19 are 100% false (see it for yourself here). Nothing we hear on the media or from the governments comes even near to the truth. It’s a level of mass deception like humanity has never seen before.

Spread the truth
far and wide
Once we understand that we are attacked by deception, we know how to defend ourselves: with the TRUTH.

On StopWorldControl.com scientists and medical doctors are exposing the lies of media and governments. These honest experts are silenced all over the world. Their videos are removed, websites are taken down, they are slandered, etc. There is an unprecedented censorship going on (don’t believe my word for it. See the censorship with your own eyes here).

The power of deception does everything it can to suppress the voice of truth. That is why we must rise up, and reveal the truth.

Therefore, please share StopWorldControl.com wherever you can. Send the website to friends and families. But also send it to those responsible in society: police, education, healthcare, etc. Send the website to doctors, teachers, mayors, etc. Their contact info can easily be found on the Internet.

Most people who discover something as evil as this, only complain about it on social media, without actually doing anything about it themselves. If we understand that the weapon of these top level criminals is lies and deception, we all know how we can fight back:

When we all start sharing truth, everywhere and anyway we can, we can break this stranglehold of misinformation off of the people and liberate the world.

Download posters & flyers

You can also download and print posters and flyers, to distribute in your community. This is a great tool to inform people. Put up the posters everywhere it is allowed: stores, bars, libraries, etc.

Print them out in large quantities with your own printer or at a copy shop, and hand them out to people.

It’s critical that we take action. Just talking about it, doesn’t help. I encourage you to become a world changer.

Fight for freedom, and a future of hope.

Thank you for your courage!

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