Photo: The (Jewish or Half-Jewish?) Queen of England – The World’s biggest land owner & ruler…


[This is something that I came across. This is a good, quick summary of the Queen of England. It is also as if the Queen can’t die. Have you noticed that? She is 95. She will probably become 100, or even 110. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has access to super-duper medical care of the highest order. There is weird stuff going on with that creepy half-Jewish family (or perhaps 100% Jewish family) that make up the ruling family in Britain. I haven’t checked the facts fully on the claim below, but I have seen very similar claims in the past, and I suspect that it is mostly true, if not 100% true. I suspect it is probably 100% true actually. The British are a weird, creepy part of the European race … a sort of captive people ruled by a creepy elite who used to be “aristocrats” but which contains LOTS OF JEWS. Remember Arnold Leese, a great truth telling Brit who wrote the small pamphlet, “Our Jewish Aristocracy?” He went through the British aristocracy and found that Jews had embedded themselves to an incredible degree in the upper classes of Britain. The common Brits probably think that a lot of their culture is natural, when in fact, much of their culture is probably partly Jewish and they don’t even recognise it. The irony thus is that people INSIDE A COUNTRY don’t know the deepest secrets of their own country. This appears to me to be ever more true everywhere. Jan]

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