CRAZY USA: Video: “Y’all Going Extinct” Black Woman’s Anti-White Rant Gets Her Thrown Off A Plane And In to Jail

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A Woman Riding With Spirit Airlines Was Arrested By Police Officers After She Went On An Anti-White Racist Tirade After She Was Told To Take Her Seat

The woman, who refused to take her seat before departure, began her racist rant after a flight attendant attempted to move to the front of the plane. While blocking the flight attendants path, she became increasingly belligerent while simultaneously growing increasingly more convinced that everyone else on the plane was to blame.

Eventually, she begins talking about Darwin and eugenics, how she and other black people have the dominant genes, that blonde hair will go extinct, and that God brought COVID-19 in order to avenge her people. It’s absolutely bizarre.

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“You are white privilege, you’re not my boss…You wait for me to get to my bathroom and have respect for me,” the woman said while the flight attendant tried to calm the situation.


“You have white privilege, and it’s not here. It’s over with. It’s 2020. Wake up, you’ve got a mask on. So you’re under the government too, you’re confined, and you don’t have white privilege anymore.”

“I’m a queen. California,” at this point one of the white passengers tried to interject and deescalate the situation. That only riled up the black woman more. “You don’t talk, because you so privileged that you got to get at somebody else and tell them ‘you’re not listening.’ I don’t have to listen to you!”

“Then go to the bathroom,” the white passenger said.

“You shut up, and stay in your lane. You have nothing to do with this little girl. I’m not talking to you.”

“I don’t care,” the other passenger replied.

“You need to understand, you don’t run America no more. Y’all teach hate in your house…I’m not a slave, I never came from Africa, I’m an indigenous person to this country…I’m the queen in this motherf***er, you understand me? You came from our color. Black make every color. Y’all people are going extinct, and that’s why you’re made. You can’t procreate, that’s what eugenics was about. The Darwin Theory? It’s because y’all know the truth—I’ve been waiting to say this—you’re mad because only black people have the genes to procreate. You come from me! A black person can make any color in Africa. White, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Have twins, one my color and one your color.”

“I got the promise to my people, and the promise is coming. You mad because a promise is coming to my people. You think we stole your birthright—shut up b—but its come to us. But this whole Corona s is all about how God is coming back for his people. And when he comes, y’all gotta get this racist s*** out of here. If you don’t, you can’t accept the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Its about at this point that a police officer finally makes his way on board to detain the woman. She get’s one more line in before she’s dragged off: “Bow down b****, because you eyes is recessive. I got that dominant gene.”


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