Crazy South Africa: COVID is Back … 1 million infected … Teachers dropping dead like flies – STRICT lockdowns, curfews & no liquor!!!!

I had to laugh, the strict lockdowns and bans are back. The idiotic President, who is I am convinced is a crypto Jew, has reinstated curfews at 9pm. So I quickly went for a walk this evening just in time to be home at the stupid curfew. I can’t believe we have curfews for a silly virus. Curfews ARE FOR WAR FFS! That is the only time we had curfews in the past dammit!

I was reading in a newspaper at the supermarket that teachers are dropping dead from COVID. Some apparently are dying in less than 48 hours – I think some died in 32 hours. Hahahaha. It so funny. They are suggesting that Teachers are dropping dead like flies here in SA. I don’t know how good the numbers are. I only know one person who even had COVID – a White guy. My Boer NAZI pal tells me that an old NAZI, from the excellent HNP party (an SA NAZI party – but now defunct), has died of COVID. So that is one old (really good) White man who has died. But otherwise everyone is fine.

The President has put a TOTAL LIQUOR ban on SA again!

As with all COVID nonsense, you don’t really know how many people are actually dying from the idiotic "virus".

I now have a better insight into the worldwide COVID "pandemic". This is nonsense driven by the super rich and scum like Bill Gates because VACCINES ARE BIG MONEY. They can make HUGE MONEY out of vaccines WITHOUT getting SUED! That’s the real kicker in this.

THE SUPER RICH ARE OUT OF CONTROL! Their bank accounts are more important than everything else including our lives and nations.

The Super Rich need to be grabbed, jailed and lynched. The worship of the super rich must end.

Anyway, I "read" the newspaper at the supermarket because I’ll be damned if I will pay a cent for it. I "read" whatever is interesting and then throw it back on the shelf. I refuse to pay for Liberal claptrap!

To hell with them!

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