COWARDS: Jewish Lawmakers write letter calling for ‘State of Emergency’ Over Anti-Semitic Attacks in New Yo rk – My Comments

[You'll see that these Jews are cowards. This is something I've concluded from my own studies. These people have to be cowards. That is how they are. Plus, they also know that they need to pretend there is DRAMA EVEN WHEN THERE ISN'T. They need this so that they can rush to the elite and get their help. 

That's exactly what this nonsense is. A few Jews get popped and hurt in New York and now the Jews want a STATE OF EMERGENCY. 
But shouldn't it be us who declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY FOR THE WAY JEWS TAKE AWAY GUNS, FREE SPEECH, ETC? These f**king drama queens. They rush around to smash us, keep us down, while their bank a/cs are loaded up. Race of garbage. Jan]

Jewish lawmakers are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency in New York, following the machete terror attack that took place Saturday night in the synagogue / home of a Chassidic rabbi in Monsey, New York.

“We need help from the State Police & the National Guard so that we can protect our constituents,” said New York City Council member Chaim Deutsch. “Our communities are shaken. We have watched our neighbors beaten, stabbed, & gunned down. We don’t feel safe in our own homes.”


One thought on “COWARDS: Jewish Lawmakers write letter calling for ‘State of Emergency’ Over Anti-Semitic Attacks in New Yo rk – My Comments

  • 1st January 2020 at 2:50 am

    Are you f***ing KIDDING me??? This is so absurd I don’t even have a proper word for it.
    I needn’t get myself all worked up over this Jewish nonsense, it’s just so hard to not take the bait sometimes. It’s just been soooo in our faces since the very first week of 2019 – and here we are, ending the year just as it began – all about THE POOR PERSECUTED JEWS! I would not at all be surprised to see them get their “State of Emergency” – they control ALL of it, from head to toe, ESPECIALLY in Jew York – it’s likely a done deal already and they probably prepared all of the official ‘paperwork’ for this WEEKS ago…for the record, I don’t even know that I believe ANY JEW whatsoever has been killed this month in any of these questionable “terror attacks”, “antisemitic hate crimes”, whatever one wants to call these things.
    What really pisses me off is that even if all of these crimes happened exactly as they say they did this month, the majority of the American people, and I mean the WHITES, even the ones who are still sleeping, do NOT CARE about this Jewish hate crime nonsense while DAILY violent assaults, murder, rape, robbery, of black on white in the USA, goes TOTALLY UNREPORTED in national news. One is lucky to catch it online when someone grabs a local news report – and trust me, we have more and more white men who are making it their duty to gather ALL of these crimes….it could not be more clear they hate whites and want us all dead. They know if they reported these horrible murders/assaults, by BLACKS and on WHITES, that way too many sleeping whites would be woken up to the true terror and they would be furious as to why they weren’t made aware sooner.
    Meanwhile, 2 Jews get killed (or however many, what, 6 maybe? I don’t even believe it, other then what the black Israelites did) and a couple of Jews get slapped in the face and they want a STATE OF EMERGENCY declared – it really is laughable.
    These Jews are like a bunch of hysterical old women who definitely need a good bitch slap to their ugly rat faces.
    Thanks for letting me vent ; )


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