COVID: The coming future: The damaged vaccinated and the undamaged unvaxxed

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[The man who runs Brighteon made this interesting prediction. Some mass vaccinations have been attempted here in South Africa by some businesses. Jan]

He wrote:
The world will soon be divided between the damaged vaccinated and the undamaged unvaxxed

Vaccine pushers are trying to divide the world into vaxxed vs. unvaxxed by denying unvaccinated people access to society (via vaccine passports). But they’re in for a shock… and a twist. The real division that will unfold is between the damaged vaccinated people vs. the undamaged unvaccinated people.

Those who keep taking spike protein injections will soon come to realize their "vaccine passport" is actually a ticket to unrelenting human suffering as their brains, bodies and hearts start breaking down.

It won’t be long before millions of Americans are unable to function in society in any meaningful way. They will become the new disabled, damaged by spike protein injections and needing constant care.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated will inherit the Earth and be able to function at seemingly "super power" levels in society, thanks to their normal, healthy functioning brains, hearts, reproductive organs and more.

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