Coming up… Whites who need old clothes & blankets for the cold…


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2005: S.Africa: Black Teenage Mum: I drowned my HIV+ baby in a toilet
A young Matatiele mother admitted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Friday to killing her nine-month-old baby because she was HIV positive.

Someone has started a group in his area in the eastern side of JHB where he’s collecting old clothes and blankets for 2 white squatter camps in the area.

I need to post the info. We’ve actually got the coldest winter we’ve had in 9 years.

I’m glad to see whites getting up and getting active now.


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Former Rhodesia: Mugabe rampage leaves 1.5 million Blacks homeless 30,000 arrested
When Black leaders do enormous things, Jews and Liberals never criticise them. The scale of what Mugabe did was incredible, but no Jew or Liberal ever screeched about it.

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