CLEVER WHITE BRIT: UK based neo-Nazi used codewords for Jews to escape censorship on YouTube

[Jews are screaming and hollering over this clever White British guy. He did great work. Jewish filth are doing all they can to prevent Whites from moving forward. Jan]

Investigation published by The Times reveals how James Owens, 37, who called himself ‘the Ayatollah’ mounted frequent attacks on Jews and other ethnic minorities on his You Tube channel, referring to Hitler as ‘our uncle’

By Lee Harpin September 1, 2022, 10:30 am 1

A journalism graduate has been exposed as a neo-Nazi who used codewords on his You Tube broadcasts to escape censorship while mounting vicious attacks on Jews and other ethnic minorities.

James Owens, 37, is named by The Times as “Britain’s most racist You Tuber” after labelling Jews as “people who look white but aren’t” and referring to Adolf Hitler as “our uncle.”

Owens attempted to hide his own identity by calling himself “the Ayatollah” and using a false profile picture on social media.

But in the investigation, run jointly with Red Flare, an anti-far right collective that monitors extremists, Owen’s was tracked-down and found to be at a far-right gathering of the Patriotic Alternative group.

He used his You Tube channel to recruit activists for Patriotic Alternative.

Owens uses his You Tube channel, which has notched up 414, 000 views over the past year to attacks Jews, gay people and other ethnic minorities.

YouTube is revealed to have left 700 hours of Owens’s talk online, removing for race hate only one episode, which branded the MP David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary, as a funded Jewish agent because Jewish lawyers paid for him to be the first black Briton at Harvard Law School.

Owens is also found to claim Jews deserve persecution, referring to them as “a group of people who tell you what happened to them but don’t tell you why”.

He attacks President Zelensky of Ukraine, who is Jewish, saying: “Zelensky is doing it for his people. We know who his people are. They ain’t Slavs.”

He also blames Jews for “grooming gangs” because, he claims, Jews imposed mass immigration on Britain.

In further antisemitic claims he suggests the transgender movement is the responsibility of Magnus Hirshfeld, a Jewish doctor specialising in sexual minorities whose books were burnt by the Nazis in 1933.

Dave Rich of the Community Security Trust, said: “The only people who benefit from this show are antisemites and fascists, people who hate Jews and people who love Hitler. Just on a philosophical level, is that what YouTube exists for? Is that what the people who run it go into work every day to facilitate?”

Owens told The Times: “I use YouTube to communicate with, entertain, and hopefully lift the spirits of other non-compliant white people, by which I mean white people who reject the psychological abuse, dispossession and humiliation of the present, anti-white order.

“I am trying to provide myself and the audience with a bit of relief in a very hostile, alienating world.

“I outright reject the concept of ‘racism’. It’s simply an anti-white libel, and a weapon of mass psychological abuse devised and wielded to keep white people from thinking and acting in our own interests while our sovereignty and our homelands are taken from us.”

After The Times contacted YouTube it requested links for the videos on the Ayatollah’s channel that might breach its rules. It then terminated the channel “in accordance with our hate speech policies”.


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