Christians attacked: Israeli settlers vandalize Jerusalem church – My Comments

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[How do the Israelis treat Christians? Well this should shock Christians. There are lots of photos as well as videos at this source link:   Jan]

AMMAN – Israeli settlers vandalized a church in the occupied Old City of Jerusalem earlier today, according to a press statement issued by the Governorate of Jerusalem, Wafa reported.

Three extremist Jewish settlers stormed the Church of the Condemnation, located at the Second Station of the Via Dolorosa, smashing a statute of Jesus and attempting to set fire to the church, according to the statement.

The church’s guard restrained the vandals before they could inflict further damage on the site.

This is just one of several attacks by settlers against Christians and their property in Jerusalem over the past few months.

On January 26, settlers attacked an Armenian restaurant at the New Gate in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem, according to local sources in Jerusalem.

The group of radical settlers attacked a group of diners, mostly Armenians, who were eating at the Taboon Wine Bar, with video footage showing the Jewish extremists throwing chairs toward the restaurant and its patron.

On January 4, two teenage Jewish extremists were caught by security cameras vandalizing 30 graves in a Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion.

The vandals smashed headstones, threw rocks onto graves, and broke crosses marking the burial places of the dead, causing approximately $100,000 in damages.


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