Chart: Ouch! In 2nd Quarter UK GDP hits -20% – My Comments: The SILVER LINING in COVID


[I think this massive crash around the world as a result of the covid stupidity is going to FORCE countries to change their strategies. This is definitely going to make everyone look at things in a new way. Trump's Trade War on China will also hit the USA and the UK hard, but I think in the long term the big thing is that the Western DEPENDENCY and GROVELLING before China will be re-evaluated. Maybe we'll see a lot more protection for industry. I am keen to see the end of Globalism. I want to see the West sticking together. When I look at COVID, I'm pretty pleased. I think it is forcing a MASSIVE RESTRUCTURE of everything and the BIRTH OF NEW IDEAS. I think the entire Western world's economy is going to undergo massive restructuring. I'll also be happy to see LESS DEPENDENCE on tourism, especially in Europe. Jan]

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