CHART: European & American unemployment surges – with estimates for 2020 & 2021

[There are those organised Germans who have a low unemployment rate! Nice! It is quite shocking that for the USA job losses are predicted to be over 10%. That will then be over 30 million unemployed! OUCH! A supporter in Florida was telling me that he and his wife had not had income in the last 2 months due to this stupid lockdown. That’s really nasty.

NB: I am always skeptical about the predictions for 2021. Perhaps that is because in South Africa I have come to have a total skepticism with all predictions. But I do expect the USA and Europe to recover much faster than South Africa. We will see, when, if ever, our economy recovers. Personally, I’m beyond caring about keeping the “Jewish economies afloat”. I say: TORPEDO THE SHIP, let’s go NATIONAL SOCIALIST! That’s a much tougher system!

This Jewish chaos is going to piss a lot of whites off. Sadly, pain is part of the path forward. There is no easy way. Jan]

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