Canada: Trudeau foolishly extends Canada Emergency Benefit to International Students

Attention Fellow Canadian :

Immigration Watch Canada sends you its latest bulletin : "Trudeau foolishly extends Canada Emergency Benefit to International Students"

Dan Murray,

Last week, Trudeau foolishly extended the Canada Emergency Benefit ($500 per week for 16 weeks ) to International Students. Trudeau should immediately terminate this outrageous measure for the following reasons :

  1. If any benefit is to be paid to students in Canada, it should go solely to Canadian students, not International Students. This should be a very basic principle that Canada’s education system and its entire system of government should operate on. For years, "post-National" Trudeau has acted on and thought the opposite. He has to withdraw his proposal.

  2. There are close to 700,000 International Students in Canada now. Post-secondary administrators like to boast that International Students are a net economic and social benefit to Canada. If this measure goes ahead, Canadians will have to pay up to $8 Billion to foreign students in the next four months. It is economically and socially unsound to enact such a measure.

  3. Long ago, Ottawa should have investigated whether the 700,000 International Students Canada accepts are already displacing Canadian-born for positions in Canada’s post secondary education system. It is almost certain that displacing is occurring and that Canada’s education administrators have concealed the extent of the displacement. A thorough investigation is long overdue. Administrators who have ignored this illegality or refuse to investigate should be be given a long term of the joblessness they have inflicted on Canadians.

  4. A significant number of International students are already working illegally in Canada and displacing Canadians who are now or will soon be looking for jobs. Many International Students are not even attending school. With a Canadian unemployment rate of around 15%, it is impossible to believe that that Canada’s education administrators are unaware of this illegality. Giving these law breakers the CERB benefit grossly compounds the illegality. It also incriminates Canada’s education administrators even more.

  5. An American organization called the National Association of Scholars has just announced some additional sensible guidelines that we think Trudeau should consider : "As stay-at-home orders continue and as some colleges begin to prepare for a fall semester online, it is all but inevitable that colleges and universities will need a bailout.

  6. "We believe that legislators and regulators should tie bailout funds to reforms that address long-standing problems in American higher education. Colleges and universities can and must do better than return to the status quo.

  7. " For far too long, American higher education has exploited the hopes of students and their families, as well as the goodwill of legislators and the American public. Millions of Americans have been plunged deeply into insupportable debt in order to fund huge increases in college administrative costs over the last 30 years. Administrative positions, including non-instructional staff, now consume more than 50% of higher education payroll costs. At the same time, colleges and universities offer a trivialized curriculum marked by (indoctrinization) and animosity to America.

"Our country deserves much better—and we can get it."

The same concerns apply to Canada.

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