Can White Americans survive if the Jews make the US Army non-White? Can White men still win?


[This is from a discussion with a veteran US Soldier who has seen combat in a number of wars. We were discussing the disarming of Whites everywhere, and also the fact that the US Army is being transformed into being non-White. So what if there is an internal civil war in the USA and all the White soldiers, or the vast majority of them, are now among the civilians? Jan]

This is what the American Vet wrote to me:
Jan:Your analysis is outstanding, I could not agree with you more.

Keep in mind that the USA is trying to kick all whites out of our Military. Since Department Defense Doctrine has changed to having a fighting force that can attack and control the American Civilian Population (COL Andrew Bacevich at Harvard wrote a piece in the Atlantic Magazine saying that we need to stop training our soldiers to fight Foreign Armies and instead focus on Controlling American Civilians). I find it comforting that the Military that I have to face will be made up of People of Color, Race Traitor Social Justice Warriors, Women, Faggots( Meaning Homosexual in American English- I know in the UK they call them Poofs or Punks). and Trannies. Bring them on.

The Jewish Business model has created a large class of Business People who are ignorant based on their Arrogance, and would rather "Virtue Signal" Marxist Memes rather than seek and speak truth.

I replied to the US Army Vet in part by saying:-
It seems to me, in the end, Whites more or less everywhere, will have been evicted from their own governments and organisations and be strangers in their own nations as the Jews and non-Whites have colonised the West!!!! Indeed it is quite insane. …

There were many armies of white males who did not even have proper clothing. Napoleon’s first army, the men’s clothes were RAGS, and they had no shoes!!! Imagine marching a whole day on your bare feet!

Yet, his army destroyed a professional, well armed Austrian army.

Look at the southerners in your war. They lacked the resources of the yankees. They were outnumbered and at a disadvantage all the time, yet they fought magnificently.

The Boers, when fighting the British Empire … went into battle with only 8 rounds of ammunition!!!

The Rhodesian army, where I come from, also struggled and after a fight the soldiers had to walk around picking up shell casings because we needed to reuse them.

Many of the finest armies lacked equipment.

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