#BS#Jan, busy with website bug fixes & tweaks…

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#BS#I’m currently busy with important fixes and tweaks to some of the back end stuff on my websites. There are things I have been meaning to do for ages and I really need to get it done. I am also looking at beginning to add some new features that I need in order to move certain things forward.

I also need to fix many other issues that have been plaguing my website for long, and which I did not have solutions to. I have run a successful test on one of my other websites. I’ll be trying to do as much technical stuff as I can over the next week or two.

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Video: The Two Emperors of the White Race
Napoleon & Hitler: Why did they succeed? I analyse & give the background to the ONLY 2 white men who united most of Europe & ruled most whites in the last 200 years.

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