List of Jews in sports (non-players)


[So many of them in high positions … as always! Jan]

The topic of Jewish participation in sports is discussed extensively in academic and popular literature. Scholars believe that sports have been a historical avenue for Jewish people to overcome obstacles toward their participation in secular society (especially before the mid-20th century in Europe and the United States).[1]


Managers and coaches[edit]


  • Menachem Ashkenazi, Bulgaria/Israel, association football, Olympic and World Cup referee[54]
  • Norm Drucker, US, former NBA referee and Supervisor of Officials
  • Leo Goldstein, US, association football, World Cup assistant referee[55]
  • Jonathan Kaplan, South Africa, rugby union, world record for refereeing highest number of international rugby union test matches, most experienced Test referee of all time[56][57]
  • Wolf Karni, Finland, association football, Olympic referee[58]
  • Abraham Klein, Romania/Israel, association football, World Cup referee[59]
  • Jerry Markbreit, US, former NFL referee[60]
  • Mendy Rudolph, NBA and ABA referee, Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame[61]
  • Alon Yefet, Israel, association football, FIFA international referee[62]
  • Dr. Aviram D. Shmuely, Israel, United World Wrestling, 1S Category(Olympic) referee 2006-present






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