British Creativity under stress a lesson for Whites: The Miles M.20; Aircraft Equivalent of the STEN Gun

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[The British did a few cool things in WW2 which showed their creativity when they believed they were under stress. The Germans were far more creative than the British. The Germans were hundreds of times more creative than the British, but I will give the British credit on some things. I like the Sten gun. I believe they built it in Toy factories I think. The Sten gun was the simplest type of submachine gun. It had problems and weaknesses and could not last long, but the Sten gun required only 7 moving parts. They later churned out millions of them. Another brilliant British move was to build modern planes out of wood. The most fantastic of these was the incredible Mosquito. But in this little video is a plane that they planned and built to be a fight plane and it was made out of wood. The Germans invented far more wondrous things even in their final days. They were building jet aircraft out of wood. But like I say, I just want to show a little bit of British creativity that deserves some credit. Sadly, the British of course, were fighting to keep the Jews alive. WW2 was really the WAR OF JEWISH SURVIVAL. But look at what the British achieved. I am curious about the possibilities this plane had. It never saw combat. If it was even half as effective as the Spitfire it could have been a good weapon. Even the British, as weak and pathetic as they are, can serve as an example of White creativity. Our race has so much potential when we are not a bunch of crybabies. We are capable of immense things once we are organised and we work together. The world could be ours … seriously. Jan]

The Miles M.20 was an incredible aircraft that went from order to prototype in 2 months! Built of wood and emphasised for simplicity, the M.20 had similar performance to the Spitfire and Hurricane but had twice the range and ammunition.

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