BRITAIN: A BROTHEL FOR JEWISH BANKING: Why is Harry and his bitch fleeing from the UK? Is there Royal Racism?


Just a note, that stupid Harry and his bitch fleeing the UK … does strike me as strange. The Royal Family is exceptionally closed and protected. Discussions and animosities therein would be carefully guarded and kept TOTALLY SECRET.

I do find it quite BIZARRE that suddenly he and his non-white bitch are fleeing the UK. That is NOT normal for even the dumb Royalty of Britain. As f*cking stupid as they are… there is something else at work.

I cannot hazard a guess. But SOMETHING IS WRONG THERE. Possibly, a bit of racism maybe? Is that possible? Or is there some weird Jewishness in there linked to Harry?

Will Harry and his bitch be doing the rounds on Oprah and in Jewish Hollywood?

I’m sure they’ll be embraced in the USA. But, this VERY SUDDEN, OUT OF THE BLUE move out of the UK indicates something is seriously wrong.

I also was digging into more stuff on Britain, while doing a lot of work on videos and audios, and I have been utterly astounded at the power of British Banking. If you are looking for the Jewish banking whore of the planet … Britain is it. Britain is a Jewish brothel for bankers and the elite.

Look up the term: “Family Office”. A Family Office is a bank with only one client! Yes, you heard me right. The super rich (most of whom deserve to be hanged), have got their own private banks. The term for it is a FAMILY OFFICE. London is filled with them.

There is also much more… Britain is filled with weird Jewish concepts and laws that allow the rich to hide wealth anywhere. The hiding of wealth is a huge thing all the super-rich are doing.

YOU ARE NOT SEEING EVEN 20% of the actual wealth of the super-rich. If you knew how rich they were you’d be running for your guns.

MOST OF THE RICH HAVE HIDDEN MOST OF THEIR FORTUNES. You will NEVER seen even a tiny smidgeon of the wealth of the Jewish Rothschild scum on any of the lists of the Rich. They are the first lot who need to be executed by white people.

Even Bill Gates, has hidden 75% of his money. ALL THESE AMERICAN BILLIONAIRES and others have hidden most of their money.

Only the Swiss and the British actually know how much money is hidden inside banks.

Also did you know: In Britain a banker CANNOT BE PUT IN JAIL. Bankers do NOT go to jail in Britain EVER for anything. That alone should be a huge ALERT for you.

Something is seriously wrong with Harry and his bitch. Why is he fleeing the UK? Something is fucked up there.

Even that stupid f*cking family of Royalty, who are as dumb as f*cking planks … even among them, there must be something very wrong. Maybe him and his bitch are NOT as welcome by the rest of the family as you think. Maybe there is a bit of RACISM in that family. And it would be about f*cking time for god’s sakes. Bunch of shit. The Royal Family in the UK are so Jew infested they should be shut down and thrown on the streets and made to sweep the streets for a living. Bunch of useless scum.

Britain is f*cked up. Whites in Britain need to seize their country back and get rid of all those f*cking Jews and the f*cking Free Masons who are pushing Brexit. Join with Europe and BE WHITE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES!

Something is wrong with Harry and his bitch. I hope Royalty sent them packing.
If so, then it would be the first thing they eve did that I agree with.

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