Bringing large numbers of Whites to South Africa

A Dutch guy was asking me questions about SA. I responded as follows:

I have come across a few Dutch people here in SA – people directly from the Netherlands, who have moved here and set up businesses. Some of them are doing damned well. In my suburb, I helped a small security company which was doing great work, but their client base was small. And crime was growing. So I used my websites in 2014 to give them publicity and it worked. They had 600 clients and I got them another 120 in a year. Then they exploded in size. The owner was a Dutch guy who also had another business here. I’ve come across Dutch who are doing well here.

The White Genocide here is NOT going to wipe us out. There are murders and killings but its not enough to actually destroy us. People don’t like it. Its not fun. e.g. 1 farmer killed per week. Nobody likes it. But it won’t wipe us out.

What many of us dream of here, is to get large numbers of whites to join us. I must do a video about it. We need to actually bring whites here. But they need to feel safe, and we need to step up our game. I’m all game for race war. This country has so much infrastructure, that if we could scare blacks away and seize a chunk of land, then we could easily bring whites in here. SA has so much infrastructure that you could easily fit 20 million whites here. Easy.

And the blacks are fucking up big time. In fact, I had a 12 hour power outage which only ended about 3 hours ago. During all that time I was functioning because I’m sorted out. But things are falling apart. The only things that work are of course the things that whites do.

I think white small business is going to be the only growth area in our country in the years ahead. Everything the Jews and blacks are doing is now failing. I love it.

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