Books The Virus House by David Irving (2002)


This book tells the Real History of the attempt by Adolf Hitler’s nuclear scientists to build the atomic bomb. They were closer to success than people now like to believe…

Until 1942 they were ahead of the Allies. Then a German mathematician made a crucial mistake, which forced the team of atomic physicists to believe they could only build a nuclear reactor with Heavy Water. The one factory which distilled that costly liquid, drop by precious drop, was in the mountains of southern Norway, vulnerable to bombing attack – and to sabotage by daring British Special Operations teams.

David Irving is the only historian to have spoken with Hitler’s atomic scientists on this theme and gain access to their private diaries and papers; and he has used the Nazis’ secret atomic research files, locked away at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, as well.

The resulting book has been highly praised by both Nobel prizewinner Werner Heisenberg, who headed the Nazi effort, and his rival, Lieut.-General Leslie Groves, chief of the US “Manhattan Project.”

(This book was previously published in North America under the title “The German Atomic Bomb”.)

326 pages.

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