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Mainstream historians claim that the very first gassing of 850 human beings at Auschwitz occurred on Sept. 3, 1941, in the basement of building no. 11 of the Auschwitz main camp. It is supposed to have lasted 15 hours, followed by another two days of ventilation and removal of the corpses.

But when analyzing all available testimonies, which are the archetypes for all later gassing accounts, Mattogno comes to a quite different image in this study:

According to this, it happened either

in spring 1941
or on August 14, 1941
or on August 15, 1941
or on September 3-5, 1941
or on September 5-6, 1941
or on September 5-8, 1941
or on October 9, 1941
or in November 1941
or in December of 1942.
The location was either
the old crematorium
or one room…
or all rooms…
or even all rooms plus the hallway of the basement of building 11
or somewhere at Birkenau.
The victims were either
Russian POWs
or partisans
or political commissars
or Poles
or Russian POWs and sick Polish detainees.
There were either
200, or 300, or 500, or 696, or 800, or 850, or 980, or 1,000, or 1,400, or 1,663 victims.
The poison gas was administered either by

SS-man Palitzsch
or by Tom Mix
or by “the strangler”
or by Breitwieser
either into the corridor or into the cells, a total of three cans or perhaps two cans into each cell either

through the door
or through a ventilation flap
or through openings above the doors to the cells.
The victims died immediately or perhaps stayed alive for 15 hours. The corpses were removed either

the following day
or the following night
or one to two days later
or three days later
or on the 4th day
or the 6th day.
The work took either

a whole day
or a whole night
or two nights
or three nights.
The bodies of the victims were either

or buried in mass graves
or partly cremated and partly buried.
In short, it is evident that those giving the accounts of the first gassing at Auschwitz were either not there, lying or mistaken—and Mattogno exposes their obvious fabrications. This total chaos of claims regarding the very first gassing at Auschwitz is typical for all other accounts of homicidal gassings during the Third Reich. It makes it impossible to extract a consistent story. Using original wartime documents, Auschwitz: The First Gassing by Carlo Mattogno inflicts a final blow to the tale of the first homicidal gassing.

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