Boo Hoo: Jews claim they are 5% of Corona Virus deaths in UK

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2010: S.Africa: Julius Malema incited Blacks to rape, torture & murder Afrikaans farm owners
An Afrikaans farmer and his family fled South Africa after deciding to lay charges against Julius Malema. In his affidavit he said that 2380 Afrikaners had been murdered in the last 16 years and some had been tortured.

Well I would hope this is true that some of the Jew scum are dropping dead like flies. I would hope for that.

The Jews claim that although they make up 0.3% of the UK population they are 5% of the deaths. I hope its true.

Chances are they’ll want special treament, and special Jewish privileges. I would assume that, as always they’re lying and seeing what they can scam out of the British tax payer. Race of scum.

If you want to read their whining and crying it’s here:

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Video: Blacks massive wastage, massive inefficiency: Why Africa Wasted $1.4 Trillion in Foreign Aid
Africa is the richest continent on Earth. In fact, it is richer in minerals than the whole world combined. Yet these useless Blacks have received more food, medicines and AID than any other place on Earth. Their levels of wastage and failure are unbelievable.

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