Blacks pay themselves $5.6 million in bonuses as S.Africa’s State Broadcaster heads for bankruptcy!

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[I laugh so much at the blacks when they do shit like this. One of the black executives got a bonus of over $1 million! That’s insane by South African standards.

They will run an organisation into the ground, but then their top executives will give themselves enormous performance bonuses! Hahahaha. It makes me laugh so much. These clowns have no conception of reality. This is what happens when you mix in: Blacks, Communism and Liberalism! The Jews and white Liberals lie to the blacks and tell them consistently how f*cking AWESOME they are, meanwhile the blacks run things into the ground while firmly believing (or just lying) about how awesome they’re doing!

In the days of Apartheid, the SABC was huge and very successful. Now its a bankrupt shadow of its former self. I am very happy to see this. The blacks are running organisations into the ground which were very successful when the whites ran the country.

The blacks are driven by all kinds of madness, not to mention their own raging greed and incompetance.

If whites would only keep their heads … we can WIN! Jan]

The bankrupt ANC broadcaster, SABC, paid more than R80 million to directors and other heads of the entity. One director received a handy R15 million bonus package, while five others “earned” more than R4 million each.

According to a spokesman, efforts are being made to recover the money!

Meanwhile, the SABC is so bankrupt that they have acknowledged that they can not guarantee that they will be able to pay salaries in the next three months and that they are engaged in retrenchments.

Read the original article in Afrikaans on Die Vryburger

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