Blacks flee from one Black African country illegally to another: 42 Illegal immigrants arrested crossing Caledon River from Lesotho – My Comments

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[These people are on the run, from one nation to another. Jan]

Bethlehem POP Task Team deployed at Ficksburg Ports of Entry for Safer Festive Season operations and to ensure full compliance and adherence to adjusted Level 3 regulations, whilst patrolling the borderline and ports of entry near Caledon River noticed a group of people crossing the border from Lesotho illegally through the river, using a tube.

Members kept observation and waited for them to cross into South African shores and arrested them. All 42 people were arrested as illegal immigrants entering the Republic of South Africa at a place other than port of entry.

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Baile Motswenyane applauded members for tightening the grip against crime at the borders also ensuring that lock down regulations are adhered to.

All suspects will appear in the Ficksburg Magistrates’ court soon.


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