Bitcoin & Crypto – The Slow, longish, slide of (Temporary) Death…


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My own view, having followed the events of the Bitcoin and Etherium and anti-crypto stuff, is that I think that the peak for Bitcoin, that Max Keiser had predicted for October 2021 will not happen. I will be delighted and surprised if it does, and wish it would but I don’t think it will happen.

I think that we’ve seen a classic bull market that was starting to go up steeply and then they hit it endlessly until they broke it.

I don’t think the market will recover back to it’s highs of April.

I think that the market will try to rally but will keep falling short because people have lost their nerve.

I think the slide will be down slowly for several months, and maybe even a year before it settles down.

The good news is that crypto will recover, and it doesn’t take ten years. I think within 2 years we’ll begin seeing the soft stirrings again.

It will probably be back in a good swing within 3+ years.

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