Biden’s latest hire has an openly deviant lifestyle: A TOTAL DEVIANT SEXUAL FREAK! – My Comments

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[The sheer madness of the Jews needs to be seen to be appreciated. Look at this latest move by Biden. I've commented on this nut Sam Brinton. Look in this article below. There is more than a hint that he could have a whole dog-sex bestiality angle hidden somewhere in there. All these creepy allies of the Jews. This is really sickening. But Whites need to see where the Jewish madness leads to. AND … BAD NEWS… IT JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!!! Whites need to wake up and realise that everyone will have to stand up and be counted in their stand for the future. The madness just keeps getting worse and expanding! There has to be RESISTANCE. Jan]

Sam Brinton’s appointment to a top US nuclear role poses legitimate questions given his self-confessed bizarre sexual proclivities

Biden’s latest hire has an openly deviant lifestyle. A sign of progress, or moral decay?

A colorful new hire of the Biden administration, “queer activist” Sam Brinton, is making waves on social media for his strange appearance and openly deviant lifestyle.

Brinton, who is a proud drag queen and “pup handler” – in other words, someone who leads gay men dressed in fetish gear around as they pretend to be dogs, before having sex with them – has been appointed to a high-ranking position in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

On paper, a candidate with dual Masters degrees in nuclear and mechanical engineering from MIT would seem like a perfect fit. Brinton also has experience in the corridors of power, having previously advised the Obama White House on LGBTQ+ issues and worked with Congress on nuclear policy. His bio makes clear he has a solid professional background.

But Brinton’s public lifestyle is unsuited to the demands of a high-ranking public government position.

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Holding an important position in the DOE would ostensibly require him to interact with his foreign counterparts in China, Russia, and Iran – or any other country with a semblance of normalcy. In the case of Iran, a fundamentalist Muslim country with nuclear ambitions, the presence of an openly deviant drag queen would undoubtedly strain conversations, given that he would face persecution for his sexual proclivities there.

Brinton’s hire is an example of the Biden administration’s woke initiatives towards “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI),” which also included the appointment of Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender health official to the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine was sworn in as the country’s first four-star admiral.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Biden administration allows people suffering from woke hysteria and loose morals to rise to high-ranking government positions, as even Vice President Kamala Harris has joined in with her embrace of pronoun rituals.

As detailed by Colin Wright for the Wall Street Journal, “Participating in pronoun rituals makes you complicit in gender ideology’s regressive belief system, legitimizing it. Far from an innocuous act, it serves as an implicit endorsement of gender ideology and all of its radical tenets.”

For those not in the know, the pronoun ritual is a part of the progressive routine of identifying oneself with so-called ‘preferred pronouns’ like ‘they/them’ and ‘xe/xer’ while introducing oneself – alongside other bizarre rituals and phrases like ‘trigger warning’ and ‘check your privilege’ that first emerged from Tumblr and liberal American universities.

The Biden administration’s newest nuclear waste deputy isn’t shy about his deviancy. A Metro Weekly article showcases Brinton’s lifestyle as a handler in the “pup community.” In the piece, Brinton goes into quite astonishingly explicit detail about various techniques involved in his kink, as well as the sexual proclivities of other queer subjects. Click on the link if you’re so inclined, but be warned – it doesn’t make for edifying reading.

Brinton has also given lectures about ‘kink lifestyles’ on college campuses, including a class for the University of Wisconsin-Stout Gender and Sexuality Alliance on the ‘Physics of Kink’.

In an Instagram post, the session was said to include “live demos on the tension forces of bondage, thermodynamics of wax play, physics of impact, and circuits of electro play!”

Brinton also led a ‘Kink 101’ lecture at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with an Instagram post showing Brinton in a dress and heels, standing over three kneeling men in leather bondage gear.

The establishment’s left’s ongoing effort to promote ‘tolerance’ has become more than a slide into moral decay – the ‘woke’ left is sprinting at full speed, accelerating the destruction of conservative American values and traditions through an embrace of degeneracy.

Hiring Brinton is emblematic of the country’s social decline.


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