BEYOND INSANE: US Has Spent Over $2.3 Trillion on Afghanistan War – WTF? – My Comments

[I can't believe that so much money can be wasted on a little war against a Third World Nation. How on earth did they manage to spend so much money on such a distant, pointless war, that never, from the beginning had any strategic benefit for the USA? This is nuts. Even the $1 trillion for the Dept of Defense … is a number that is insane. How on earth can the US Military be so wasteful? I repeat, Whites have forgotten our efficient, NASTY, past where we got down and smashed our enemies. All these Liberal and Jewish rules make White men lose wars for nothing. The politicians make rules that will doom any soldier or general. Those same junk rules also make the wars cost 100x more than they need to. It's all crazy. What a needless waste … what a horrific waste of money … just for Jewish 911. It's nuts. You can't tell me that this benefited the USA or the West in any way whatsoever! Jan]

The number will increase in the future as the US is still paying for veterans care and interest on money borrowed for the war

Brown University’s Costs of War project released an updated report Wednesday on US spending for the war in Afghanistan. The report found that since the 2001 invasion, Washington has sunk over $2.3 trillion into the war.

The spending includes operations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and is broken down into five categories. The biggest chunk is the Defense Department’s budget for the war, which is just over $1 trillion. The State Department’s war budget adds another $60 billion. War-related Increases to the Pentagon budget account for $433 billion.

Estimated interest payments on war borrowing accounts for $532 billion, and spending on care for veterans of the war adds up to $233 billion. Costs of War did not account for future interest payments or future spending on lifelong care for veterans, so the total will still increase even after the US completes its military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Costs of War released its last Afghanistan update in April 2021. At the time, the project estimated the war cost $2.26 trillion. The project also tracks casualties of the war. As of April, Costs of War estimates up to 241,000 people were killed in the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Out of the 241,000 people killed, 71,344 were civilians, including 47,245 in Afghanistan and 24,099 in Pakistan. The numbers do not account for indirect deaths due to conditions caused by the war, like loss of access to food, disease, or infrastructure damage.

The Taliban take over of Afghanistan and the swift collapse of the US-backed government shows that the massive amount of spending was for nothing, except to line the pockets of US defense contractors.


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