Ben Klassen, Dr William Pierce & Rockwell: Geniuses beyond what Jewish Britain can produce


[One of my readers made this short comment below. I totally agree with it. It amazes me the number of EXCELLENT whites one can find in the USA. In that sense, America is truly great. It definitely has the makings of strong whites. The question is how did weaklings and Jews manage to get the upperhand on the most successful "white" country that was created outside of Europe? As for the Jewish controlled British, I'm afraid their minds are lost. I have spoken to a number of whites in SA who come from Britain, and some of their remarks are cause for thought. It also shows me a little bit of what may be holding them up. I do think a large part of what weakens the white Brit is that their minds are TOTALLY COMMERCIAL from the collapsed British Empire which collapsed in a total heap when faced with Black and Asian rebellion. Britain is the model which the whites of the USA must beware of: That commerce rots your mind. Jan]

The reader wrote this short comment which I agree with:
Rockwell,Klassen,Pierce,genii far beyond what the doltish Britards could produce.

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