Beautiful Photos: Happy Easter – German style – Ostergruesse – Frohe Ostern


[I have not really been concerning myself with holidays, etc as I have things on my plate and I must try to get them done. I recevied these really lovely photos from Germans with the greeting of Happy Easter! It's very lovely indeed. I just love the photo of the house at the bottom of this. Germany is so beautiful … but of course it did not happen by itself! The GERMANS made it awesome! Jan]

Happy Easter, Easter, Background

Daffodils, Osterglocken, Park, Spring

Osterglocken Pracht im Park

Rabbit, Easter, Hare, Easter Bunny, Cute

Häschen auf der Frühlingswiese

Honey Bee, Bee, Honey, Flowers, Spring

Honigbiene auf Erste Nektarsuche

Almond Flowers, Gimmeldingen, Sachsen

Rosafarbene japanische Kirchblüten

Flowers, Spring, Tulip, Nature, Floral

Bunte Tulpenpracht zwischen Hyazinthen

Garden, Water, Fountain, Nature, Flowers

Zeitloser Terrassen Wasserfall

Tree, Cherry Tree, Spring

Ein Prächtiger Magnoliabaum

Tulips, Field, Meadow, Petals, Leaves

Tulpenmeer auf der Heide

Crocus, Flowers, Purple, Spring, Flower

Lila Krokusse in voller Blüte

Lilies, Pink, Easter, Flowers, Fragrant

Elfenbein+Rosa Osterlilien

Primrose, Spring Flower, Pink, Pot

Feurige Primelchen

Tulips, Nature, Flowers, Tulpenzwiebel

Ein Korb voller Tulpen

Narcissus, Nature, Flower, Plant, Floral

Goldgelbe Osterglocken

The Beginning Of Spring, Nature

Frühlingsausblick in den Bergen

Easter Fire, Church, Resurrection

Osterfeuer am Abend im Dorf

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