AUDIO: The next BIG (Jewish) SCAM to hit White Americans: Reparations for Slavery … this time is REAL & coming…

[I'm going to post this short piece, but I was doing some reading. Oh boy, here we go … these sons of bitches are intent on pushing this slavery reparations nonsense AND, they want reparations for 150 years of "racism"….  But, the Jews have created your enemy. Working for the New York Times, is this non-white bitch, Nikole Hannah-Jones. Guess what? She's been winning Pulitzer prizes … and Jews are behind her, mostly, BIG TIME. As you will see, stepping back, and retreating, buys you NOTHING. They're just going to come back and scam whites more openly, more boldly and the JEWS are fully involved in this. Here's a short excerpt relating to this non-white hag. NB: NB: At the link below, you can hear her speaking in a 20 minute interview. Jan]

NikoleHannah-Jones-crop070220.jpgNikole Hannah-Jones covers race for the NYTimes Magazine.

Tom’s guest is the award-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, an investigative correspondent who covers race and social justice issues for the New York Times Magazine. She won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for The 1619 Project, a multi-platform exploration of the history of enslaved people in America. That series began last summer. Last Sunday, Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote the cover story for the NY Times Magazine, a compelling essay about reparations for descendants of the enslaved, called What is Owed.

Calls for reparations are not new. Ta-Nehisi Coates made a Case for Reparations in a controversial Atlantic Magazine essay in 2014. What is new is the multi-racial and multi-generational protests taking place in communities large and small across the country, and in fact, around the globe. In a recent poll, half the registered voters in the US said they support the Black Lives Matter movement. Given the ubiquity and intensity of demonstrations for racial equality, is now the moment when the calls for reparations will finally lead to sustained action?

Nikole Hannah-Jones joins us via Zoom.


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