Audio: South Africa’s latest MASSIVE collapses: Blacks blame the Japanese – Military Intelligence Analysis

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Frederick invited me on to discuss the latest events in South Africa. We recorded this on 2019/02/20. We discuss the latest electricity collapse of 40% of the grid. The collapsing computer systems in banks. The collapse of SAA (South African Airways), Eskom, Telkom and the railways. We discuss black theft of electricity.

Can you believe that the BLACKS are blaming the Japanese for some of our massive electricity collapse? Also, blacks give their bogus reasons why handing over farms to blacks actually fails!

It is very possible that the mass firing of whites in recent years is one of the key reason for these collapses – over and above other actions of the blacks themselves.

I also discuss the possibility that I might get to the USA in 2019, instead of 2020 as I had originally hoped.

We discuss the Military Intelligence analysis video that I put out recently on my website:

In there our top Military Intelligence Analyst discussed concepts like “Functional Decay”, “Functional Collapse”, “Governmentally Empty” and most importantly the “Repositioning of the Whites”.

I explained to Frederick why I am very hopeful of the future and that whites working with whites will allow us to move to a whole new level. I explained why, “collapse” does not bother me at all, and why I see it as a very good thing.

Here’s the link to the Breakfast Club:

4 thoughts on “Audio: South Africa’s latest MASSIVE collapses: Blacks blame the Japanese – Military Intelligence Analysis

  • 24th February 2019 at 6:52 pm

    Great work thank you mister lamprecht

  • 21st February 2019 at 1:10 pm

    The main target is the JEW. Instead of boycotting and not patronizing blacks, you should strive to not do business with the jew if possible. The jews own almost every worthwhile business and it’s hard to find one that is not owned, run or controlled by jews, but whites should network among themselves to try to patronize fellow whites before funding their enemy the jew. The jews have the Jewish Yellow Pages so maybe the whites can establish some sort of online register or site that fellow whites can view to see if any fellow whites may be supplying the goods or services they need. If you are successful in such a directory, you can bet the jew will try to sneak in to steal the business from whites by using a shabbos goy as a front man.
    Where I live, there is a company called AMERICAN MEN ROOFING which is entirely run and staffed by whites, no spics, no niggers, no wogs, no non whites at all, only whites doing white work at a fair price.
    Every time you buy a beer, or bottle of wine or bottle of whiskey you feed the jew who is trying to destroy you. STOP FEEDING THE JEW!

  • 21st February 2019 at 12:09 pm

    Sorry, my last reply sounds kind of strange. I am seeing some great videos on bitchute like what you have tried to reveal and expose. Maybe this is too late for you, I don’t know. I just appreciate so much of your knowledge and insight. Wish you protection and life.

  • 21st February 2019 at 12:05 pm

    Have you tried to post to ‘Bitchute’? I have in the past watched so many of you youtube videos and know you tried many alternative sites. I have saved many of your videos from youtube, have you uploaded to Bitchute? and can I upload them for you …give you credit,…. could you reply regardless? I think I am shadow banned.


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