Audio: Christa Schroeder: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s Secretary

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This lady worked for Hitler for 12 years. She was very interested in Hitler as a person and even in his past. She was in his inner circle for many years and saw many things. She never married and she survived WW2. She was analytical and had an obsession for the truth and she had a mind of her own.

She never gave interviews and she never sold any of her information about Hitler during her life. Her notes were published after her death. This book is not perfect, but it contains a heck of a lot of information about Hitler and the people around him.

It is in this book that I discovered the real story of the book Hitler’s Table Talk and why it is so important. She also stands up for Martin Borman.

Most of my comments about Hitler as a person come from this book. It is very informative. You can watch the video of my comments about Hitler as a person here:

This was recorded on: 2023-04-23.

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