Attorney Todd Callender: The Vax Genocide Has Likely Killed a Billion People – My Questions

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[I hate it when people say stuff like this. A billion people have died … WHERE? The CDC in the USA did admit that 1.1 million people died because of the vaccine. But where are the other 999 million dead? Here in Africa it is business as usual. We're noticing nothing new. In America and here in SA we know of people who've died of the vaccine. I know people personally who died of it. And I know of people who died of COVID. But, on the whole, 99.9% of the people I know and deal with – are all ALIVE. If you say 1 billion people have died then you're talking about 1 billion people dying out of the current population of 7.8 billion. That means 12.8% of the people on Earth have died. That means more than 1 person in 8 that you and I know have DIED of the VACCINE. I would like to see statistics, per country or per continent to back up this big statement by this guy. I think this is way over the top. Yes, the vaccine killed people, but not 1 billion. What is the source for this guy's statement? If there is truth to this, I'd like to see some kinds of facts or numbers. Jan]

About this episode

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mr. Todd Callender, an international lawyer who is leading figure in the movement to defeat the campaign by the Federal government, its medical establishment, Big Pharama, gangsters like Fauci and Gates, most teachers, the media, and the pro-depopulation zombies that staff much of the federal scientific, health, and medical bureaucracies, as well as the Secretary of Defense and his staff and acolytes in the flag-officer corps.

Mr. Callender is as frank and honest as any guest we have had. He stated that there is no doubt that Americans and people around the world are experiencing the ongoing application of a well-planned genocide meant to kill billions — a billion people are likely already dead — and destroy national sovereignty in favor of a world government staffed by homicidal maniacs. After all, in the case the science being followed at the moment is the science of how to commit genocide.

–Mr. Callender’s analaysis of how the the Wuhan-Flu and its genocide vaccines are trying to "create a new human being" can be heard here:

–For more information on Mr. Callender’s views and experiences, and for documents and forms with which citizens can approach the military and their local police for help in getting the Covid criminals arrested listen to: Https://

–Mr. Callender’s riveting description of how we got into the mess were are in can be heard at:

"Listening to Two Mikes will make you smarter!”
– Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.


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