Attention: You can email or get email from Matt Hale in jail

[According to Matt Hale's mom, you can get Matt Hale to email you from jail. I think this is great. You need to get in touch with Matt's mom as there is a process that she kicks off which allows this to happen. Email her here: evelyn.hutcheson 


p style=”font-family:Arial;font-size:14px”>Anyone else who has contact details of whites in jail who can be contacted – either leave the details in the comments below or leave a message for my on the contact us page. Jan]

From Matt’s Mom:

Friends and Supporters: If you did accept emailing with Matt, after you are approved, you will need to go to to check if you have any email from Matt. Corrlinks will not send you any email telling you that you have any email from Matt. Also, if you want to email with Matt, the request may have gone to your spam. Please check! Matt will be emailing twice each day, morning and evening. Matt said they are in lock down often for short periods of time and during that time, he cannot make calls and cannot email. Ms. H


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